In a game which saw many twists and turns, the Wizards dropped yet another heartbreaker, falling to the Bobcats 108-106 in double OT.

At the end of regulation, Webster (who led the team with 21 points) had a chance to give the team the lead with two free throws, but hit one of two to tie the game at 92. The Wizards got the board on the missed free throw, but Jordan Crawford could not convert and the game went into OT. At the end of the first OT, the Wizards trailed by 2 with 1.6 seconds left and Chris Singleton drew a foul while shooting a three. Singleton hit two of three free throws to send the game into double overtime. The swings continued until the Wizards were forced into a Crawford desperation three at the buzzer to win it, but it fell short and the Wiz dropped a tough one.

Martell Webster's 21 points were a season high. Nene scored 19 points in his home debut and Singleton had a huge line with 13 points, 12 rebounds and 4 steals. For the Bobcats, Byron Mullens had 27 points, Ramon Sessions had 21 and Ben Gordon had 19.

Another very tough loss to handle for the Wizards who will return to action Monday night against the Spurs, still seeking that first win of the year.

Jan Vesely
Points: 2
Rebounds: 0
Blocks: 0

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Points: Martell Webster - 21
Rebounds: Chris Singleton - 12
Assists: Jordan Crawford - 6
Blocks: Bradley Beal - 2
Steals: Chris Singleton - 4

Wittman on loss:

“I tell the guys, and they think sometimes I’m crazy, it’s hard to win. You’ve got to make plays down the stretch. I thought we had three great looks, they didn’t go in.”

On what contributed to the loss:

“A lot of things. The start of the game. The start of the third quarter. And that lies with me. I’m not pointing a finger at my players. Obviously it lies with me, I know it lies with me and I’ve got to figure a way out to get this right. That’s what my job is. And I’ll take full responsibility for that and I’ll continue to work and try to find a starting combination, people to play. That’s my job. Obviously, I’m not pushing the right buttons or pulling the right strings right now. I’ll continue to try to figure that out.”
On game performance:

“Sometimes you need to take the momentum and go. I had no choice but to help my team. I knew my limitations but I tried to help as best I could and to play the full minutes.”

On younger teammates:

“It’s not just about age, sometimes it’s about attitude. There are a lot of young guys in this league but this league is a crazy and pro league. No matter your age you need to be ready if you want to have a long career.”
Webster on the game:

“We had a number of opportunities to win the game. All I can say is that we just want to win. We are put in positions and situations to take advantage and get a victory, but it didn’t work out that way. We kept fighting. I know it gets old but we just have to win.”

On Nene:

“He wants to win. He is out here battling his butt off. I know he’s got some issues but for the team he goes out there and plays with heart, he wants to win. I tip my hat to him for going out there and playing big minutes.”
On the game:

“It’s another tough one with double overtime like that. We got off to a good lead in overtime and then we let it slip away. I think we say the same thing every game but it’s our execution and being smart down the stretch. This one probably hurt the most because we were right there and felt we had the game won.”

On the team’s effort:

“It’s hard because you want to help but sometimes you want to help too much. Sometimes you underhelp and pass up an open shot or you throw it someone who isn’t open. I guess it’s sometimes just nerves down the stretch. That need to win, feeling that we have to win and I think that’s what is really killing us. I think we need to relax and just play ball.”
On losing streak:

“It’s definitely a tough situation. Right now this position just really shows who’s a man and who is not; who can hold their head up high and keep going. This is still a blessing, to be able to play the game I love every night so I’m still excited every day.”

On end of regulation:

“A good defensive play got his hand on the ball and I was able to make a tough shot.”