Thank you Wizards fans!

Wizards Fan Appreciation Week is April 6-10 and we’re giving away great prizes every day to the best fans in the NBA. Fill out the form below (Wizards Season Ticket Members have been automatically entered) for your chance to win autographed items, prize packs and more! Wizards fan Appreciation Night is Sunday, April 12 #WizHawks and all fans in attendance will receive a water bottle presented by Verizon.

10am - autographed mini ball – Bradley Beal: Caitie Haigis

11am - autographed photo - John Wall: Matt Morrison

12pm - autographed Marcin Gortat action figure: Janel Smoot

1pm - Wizards prize pack: Barry Ford

2pm - autographed player jersey – Bradley Beal: Patricia Wood
10am - autographed mini ball-Marcin Gortat: Angel Ortiz

11am - autographed Marcin Gortat action figure: Joe Chamoun

12pm - autographed player jersey – Otto Porter: Tiara Jackson

1pm - autographed photo-John Wall: Allan Udler

2pm - Wizards prize pack: Adrian Morente
10am - autographed Marcin Gortat action figure: Danny Razinski

11am - autographed mini ball – Ramon Sessions: Mark Reichman

12pm - autographed player jersey – John Wall: Homar Esperanza

1pm - Wizards prize pack: Monique Kinteh

2pm - autographed photo – John Wall: Sandy England
10am - autographed mini ball - Nene: James Nguyen

11am - Wizards prize pack: Jonathan Schiller

12pm - autographed Marcin Gortat action figure: Tony Lania

1pm - autographed mini ball – Otto Porter: LaTishia Richardson

2pm - autographed player jersey- John Wall: Marcus Aaron
10am - Jersey off our back spot:Adrien Hall

11am - autographed photo – John Wall:Patrick Dyson

12pm - autographed mini ball – John Wall:Tracy Robinson

1pm - autographed team poster:Lynwood Owens

2pm - autographed team jersey:Jonathan Delao

Thanks to everybody who entered and congratulations to our winners!