Gilbert Arenas Chat Recap

Gilbert Arenas
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Wizards Guard Gilbert Arenas was online on Tuesday, Feb. 22 to answer questions about an unforgettable first half of the season.

Arenas ranks in the top ten of the NBA in points per game, minutes per game, steals per game, three-point field goals made and free throws made, and more importantly has guided the Wizards to their best start in a quarter of a century.

Arenas has three forty-point games to his credit this season, and with teammate Antawn Jamison, represented the Wizards in the NBA All-Star game on February 20.

If you missed the live chat, here is the transcript.

Afif(Saudi Arabia): Gilbert,how did you feel being an all-star?

Gilbert Arenas: I felt honored. It was one of my lifetime goals and I accomplished it.

Potomac, Maryland: This is Ishar Singh in 7th grade, I wanted to know what the best part of your All-Star weekend was?

Gilbert Arenas: Just being around all the superstars in the league. Actually spending quality time with the guys. You see the guys on the floor during games...but it was great to see them off the court and spend real time with them.

kevin(brenham): Gilbert, enjoyed watching you last night. What kind of shoes were you wearing and where can I buy them? Your the best player in the history of the NBA and ABA, and you have the most style.

Gilbert Arenas: Thank you, first of all! They were the Gameday Lightnings, the same ones Chauncey Billups wears. I just had them do it my own colors and low-top. But they are the same ones you probably saw in the Chauncey Billups TV commercial.

arlington: did you toss your all-star jersey?

Gilbert Arenas: Nah. I gave it to my Dad, but I did toss my shoes. And I tossed the shoes I wore in the Skills competition too.

Mark, Washington, DC: What other players' shoes were you digging?

Gilbert Arenas: Dwyane Wade had all red shoes like me so I liked his. We were the two guys with all blue jerseys and uniforms..but all red shoes!

Ethan (St. Louis): Hey, congrats on making the All Star Team. I was wondering what you think of This years Sophmores and who is your break MVP.

Gilbert Arenas: I thought the sophomores did a great job, they played hard and they scored alot. My MVP at the All-Star break, if we had to stop the season right now, would be Steve Nash.

Dwayne(Austin, TX): Are you a big baseball fan and if so, what do you think of the D.C. Nationals?

Gilbert Arenas: I went to one baseball game and it was the longest thing I ever been too, so I never went back. But I know the city of DC is excited about it, so I may have to go back again when the Nationals play.

Jeton, Kosova: First of all congrats on participating in the all-star weekend, what are your thoughts on Wizards this year?

Gilbert Arenas: I think we're doing a great job. Or we did a great job in the first half this season, at least better than expected. But we know we need to come even better in the second half. That's when we really need to step it up.

danny askarinam: I heard you adopted a kid how does it feel like to be a dad

Gilbert Arenas: Well, I did become a Big Brother recently and have adopted a Little Brother, so that must be what you're talking about. I brought a whole bunch of All-Star stuff for him to bring to school and show his friends.

Eric (Washington DC): GA - I hear you're a big movie buff. What's your favorite DVD right now?

Gilbert Arenas: My favorite DVD right now, actually I'm on the DVD TV series 24 and the Jamie Foxx Show.

chris (dc): how do you like being in d.c? do you find yourself listening to go-go music and are you familiar with the d.c. area

Gilbert Arenas: I never listened to go-go music before. I don't go out that much. I'm staying in the house and trying to get the Wizards into the playoffs. Once we get into the summer, I'll venture out into D.C. and enjoy myself, but right now I'm all about getting the Wizards into the playoffs.

Andy D: how as the skills comp..harder than you thought?

Gilbert Arenas: Oh yeah. It's hard, I'm used to dribbling around actual people, not those stationary things there. It was awkward. It looked easy, but it wasn't. (Laughing).

Chris (Toronto): What was your reaction when you saw Vince Carter bounce it off the backboard and dunk it?

Gilbert Arenas: I caught just when he dunked it, because I was looking at Shaq. I caught the very end of it, but it was so amazing. It seems so natural for him.

JD(Washington): Congratulations on a great first half and on your first All- Star appearance! Is it true that Shaq beat you in a three point contest, because that's what he said on National TV?

Gilbert Arenas: Ha-ha (Laughing) Yeah, that was the first one to hit two treys....I went 0-for-7 and he went 2-for-10. Every time I went to take a shot, somebody's ball would hit mine and stop it from going in...there were like 20 people shooting. But, yeah, Shaq got me.

Andrew P. Long Island: gilbert, at the end of your career how do you want to be remembered?

Gilbert Arenas: As someone who gave back to his fans. That's why I give out my jerseys after games. That's what I'm about. I want to give to those fans. I can buy my own, but to make a fan happy, that's why I do it. I had to give my All-Star jersey this year to my dad, but if I'm fortunate to make it again, I'll give that one out to fans too.

Gilbert Arenas: I would like to thank everyone who posted questions, I enjoy chit-chatting with the fans. I'm probably one of the only regular NBA players you can talk to on a regular basis. Thanks again.