Arenas Chat Transcript

Gilbert joined fans for a chat on Mon, Nov. 21
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Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas joined fans on Monday, Nov. 21 for a live chat at

Arenas, who averaged 28.5 points through the first six games of the season, was named the season's first Eastern Conference Player of the Week on Monday, November 14. The Wizards All-Star guard scored an NBA-high 43 points against the defending NBA Champion Spurs two nights earlier in a 110-95 win at MCI Center.

If you missed the live chat, here is the transcript.

William (Rockville): Gilbert, What was your other dream to become other than playing in the NBA?

Gilbert Arenas: My other dream? Wow......hmmm.....that's a hard one. I wanted to work for McDonald's. I wanted to be one of the cookers, because I loved McDonald's fries.

Alex: Hi Gilbert, How did you feel playing against Larry Hughes?

Gilbert Arenas: It was different. The only thing I didn't want to do was pass HIM the ball!

Gurvinder (London): In what ways has Caron Butler improved the team?

Gilbert Arenas: His strength, his midway jumpshot and just the bull mentality he plays with.

junior, wash, d.c.: gilbert - i undertsand thet the refs will be calling palming or carry closer now...have you noticed this and what do you think of the enforcement.

Gilbert Arenas: They only called one carry on me so far. I usually don't have that problem. They always say they will enforce something at the beginning of the year, but as the season goes on..and near the end...they call things the same way they always have.

Brent (Halifax, Canada): How much time do you dedicate to work on your ballhandling?

Gilbert Arenas: I have a sheet, where there are about 30 different dribbling moves on it. Before the season starts..all the morning and at night.....almost everyday..i do up and down the court on those skills. It's about an hour..hour and half a day...during the summer..when I work on that. Then during the season, I just train usually and work on things normally in practice.

Matt (Jacksonville): Do you feel the Arizona WildCats produce some of the best NBA talent?

Gilbert Arenas: Yeah. Just because Lute Olsen teaches the NBA game in college. The pick and roll...the know..running up and down the court. Every way the game is played in the NBA...Lute teaches that in college.

Mark(Philippines): Hey Gilbert! May I ask about your other choices of colleges other than Arizona in the past? and why did you pick Arizona among all of the other colleges?

Gilbert Arenas: One, because they won the championship two years before I got there. Two, because Richard Jefferson didn't want me to go there. Three, because it was really close to home.

Cerritos: Hey Gilbert, Why don't you grow a fro. It would look real intimidating. Oh yeah, wh was your role model growing up?

Gilbert Arenas: I wore a 'Fro before my second season, but I don't really wanna look intimidating. My role models were Penny Hardaway, Isiah Thomas, MJ and Charles Barkley.

carter grant, New York: Do you play nba live 2006

Gilbert Arenas: No. I play NBA2K. It's real, the NBA2K. The other one,'s too fake.

Pam (Baltimore): First and foremost, I have to say that it's nice to see a young professional athlete who epitomizes good sportsmanship, the love for the game and someone who truly appreciates his fans. Other than the obvious, how has your life changed since the team has increased in popularity? Also, during your off time, do you reside in the DC Metro area or do you call another state your home? Thank you for all you do! Go Wizards!

Gilbert Arenas: More media requests, and more chats! It's fun though. A reporter told me the other day, "now people know who you are because you're winning and you're on TV" and that's kinda true. And for the second part, I live in in Los Angeles and Miami.

brian brookpark: How is the team going to bounce back from these three loses to beat the nuggetts

Gilbert Arenas: Every team goes through a period of games where you slump. Sometimes you win three in a row..and sometimes you lose three in a row. We'll bounce back, we just need to go back to what we were doing when we were winning, most importantly, we need to cut down on the mental mistakes. But we'll turn it around and get back on the right track.

krista (fairfax): do you have any pregame rituals?

Gilbert Arenas: Yes. After shootaround, I have something to eat, go down to my movie room and watch a movie until I pass out. Then I wake up, take a shower and get ready for the game.

Upper Marlboro: So what do you love about McDonalds? The Big Macs or Filet of Fish..

Gilbert Arenas: The Big Mac! The special sauce on the Big Mac. I even ask for that when I get cheeseburgers. It might just be Thousand Island, I don't know, but I just love that special sauce!

David (McHenry, MD): Hey Gilbert, im a big movie fan myself so,whats one of your favorite movies?

Gilbert Arenas: Hmmm....Any movie with Denzel. Any movie with Julia Roberts. Usually I enjoy great actors, movies with Anthony Hopkins, John Travolta...his new stuff...not Grease....the newer Travolta Faceoff. Then, I like alot of comedies, love those movies.

Gilbert Arenas: Thank you all for chatting with me again today. If you have any more questions, I'll be back for another chat, I really enjoy it. Thanks again.