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Note: Tryouts Are Now CLOSED For 2012-13

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1. The NBA Development League, LLC (“D-League”), and its affiliated entities, including, without limitation, the National Basketball Association and WNBA, LLC (collectively, “NBA Entities”) reserve all rights concerning the operation of the NBA Development League Referee Tryout Camp (“Camp”), including, without limitation, such rights that are set forth herein.

2. Applicants to, and participants in, the Camp (collectively, “Applicants”) may be denied enrollment or dismissed from participation in the Camp at the absolute and sole discretion of the D-League for any reason and without notice or refund of any participation fee paid by Applicant, including, without limitation:

a. For making false statements or omitting or misrepresenting information about Applicant or Applicant’s background;
b. For failing to sign any consent or waiver forms required by the D-League in connection with Applicant’s participation in the Camp, which may include, for example, forms relating to medical or physical condition, background checks, or rights of publicity; or
c. For reasons relating to inability to officiate, behavior, or personal conduct arising at any time (whether prior to or during the Camp).

3. Selection for or enrollment in the Camp shall not be – and should not be construed to constitute – employment of, or an offer of employment to, any Applicant by the D-League or any other NBA Entity. Accordingly, an Applicant’s Camp application (including, but not limited to, this and any other form) or Applicant’s participation in any games, events, or instructional sessions at the Camp are not intended to – and shall not be construed to – create between Applicant and any NBA Entity a contract of employment.