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Luxury Suite Map

Purchasing Extra Suite Tickets
Luxury Suite Holders have the right to purchase additional tickets up to a maximum of 20 total Suite Tickets. For example, under the 16 Suite Ticket plan, a Luxury Suite Holder has the right to purchase an additional four (4) standing room Suite Tickets for an event. The price of each additional Suite Ticket for Warriors games will be equal to the price of the lowest priced ticket for a seat in the Sideline Club section of the Arena. Pricing for additional suite tickets for all non-Warriors events can be obtained by contacting the Suite Services Department at 510-986-2223.

Additional Suite Tickets will be mailed if time permits. All other orders will be left at the Will Call window located at the Box Office on the East Plaza level. Individuals picking up Suite Tickets at Will Call will be required to show identification (resale of Suite Tickets is prohibited).

VIP Tickets
For easy access to additional preferred seating in the Arena (Non-Suite tickets) - based on ticket availability - please call our Suite Services Department at 510-986-2223.

Access Policies
Luxury Suite Holders may access the Arena at the main North, South or East Plaza concourse levels. You may also enter the VIP North and South Suite entrances. As a Luxury Suite Holder, you may gain access to your suite one-and-a-half hours prior to the start of Warriors games and one hour prior to other Arena events. Due to the exclusive nature of the Luxury Suites, it will be necessary to have a ticket identified specifically as a Concourse or Mezzanine Level Luxury Suite ticket to access the Suite levels. There are Luxury Suite Elevators which will take Suite Holders and their guests directly to the Plaza Club, Budweiser Club and Colliers International Courtside Club. For Warriors games, parking lots will open two (2) hours prior to the scheduled time of the game. For other Arena events, you will be notified of the event time via e-mailed event booking notices.

Fire Procedures
A Suite Holder should notify a suite representative immediately via the house phone if they smell smoke or see a fire. While fire fighting should be left to trained professionals, there are fire extinguisher in well marked locations throughout the suite hallways.

Disabled Access and Seating
Access to Suite levels for disabled guests is via the main North, South or East Plaza concourse levels. Reserved parking spaces for guests with disabilities are available in the Premium Parking Area. Please call the Suite Services Department if you require disabled parking.

In each Luxury Suite, two of the fixed seats can be removed to permit a guest who uses a wheelchair to view any event. A request for removal of these seats can be made in advance by contacting the Suite Services Department. Alternatively, these seats can be removed upon request at any event. Please contact a Suite Concierge for assistance.

Departure Policies
If you leave the Luxury Suites area and plan to return, be sure to take your Suite Ticket with you to ensure re-entry. Guests should carry their Suite Tickets with them at all times (please remember that once you leave the building, there will be no re-entry). Please see a Suite Concierge if you require special circumstances. Luxury Suite guests will be permitted to remain on the Suite levels up to one hour following the conclusion of a Warriors game, and 30 minutes following the conclusion of other events. This policy is subject to change on days when there are multiple events scheduled in the Arena.

Smoking Policies
Smoking is not permitted in Oracle Arena at any time. As a result of the Oakland Smoking Pollution Control Ordinance, designated smoking areas no longer exist in or near the Arena.

Guest Conduct
For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of our Luxury Suite Holders and their guests, the Warriors request that all suite attendees maintain appropriate behavior at all times. Persons under 18 years of age are not allowed in the suites unless accompanied by an adult. No pets - except for certified service animals - will be allowed in The Arena. Please do not throw any object into the audience or onto any playing surface or stage at any time. Any guest who behaves in an unruly or disruptive manner, interferes with the enjoyment of an event for other guests, or harasses/verbally assaults any Arena employee may be asked to leave. The term “unruly or disruptive manner” includes, but is not limited to, foul language, intoxication, physical or verbal abuse. Additionally, the Suite Holder is responsible for the behavior of the people who occupy the Suite during an event.

Abusive guests will be given a warning by building personnel and if the guest continues to behave in an unruly or disruptive manner, building personnel may eject the individual from the Arena. Any guest who is ejected faces possible revocation of ticket rights and usage at the discretion of Oracle Arena Officials.

We require each Suite Holder to ensure that any consumption of alcohol in the Suite is limited to authorized guests 21 years of age or older and in reasonable, safe amounts. We encourage those guests who consume alcohol on the premises to do so in a responsible manner.

Oracle Arena, Levy Restaurants and The Golden State Warriors subscribe to a zero-tolerance, anti-harassment policy for our employees and guests. As such, we prohibit harassment that is sexual in nature or harassment that is based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, or other bases prohibited by local, state and federal laws. Such harassment demeans our employees and guests and undermines the safe, effective and efficient operation of our business. In accordance with this policy, guests shall adhere to the anti-harassment commitment of Oracle Arena, Levy Restaurants and The Golden State Warriors to ensure all employees and guests are treated with dignity and respect.

General Rules and Policies

We remind all guests that no flash cameras, video cameras, outside food or drink, coolers, bottles or cans may be taken into Oracle Arena. Any beverages to be consumed in the suites must be obtained from Levy Restaurants or Aramark and may not be removed from the building. In addition, please do not remove any bottles, cans or glasses from your Luxury Suite. Food served in the suite may be removed in to-go containers that are provided by Levy Restaurants.

Luxury Suite Guest Passes
Luxury Suite Holders will receive two (2) guest passes per game to be used by guests seated in the bowl seating area of Oracle Arena. The guest pass enables a guest of a Luxury Suite Holder to visit their Suite at any time during the game. Due to the exclusive nature of the Luxury Suites, it will be necessary to present to the usher a guest pass and an event ticket for that specific game in order to enter the Luxury Suites level. Guest Passes will be issued along with your Suite Tickets and will be game specific. Guest Passes are not available for non-Warriors events (please note occupancy limit of 22 persons in each Suites is set by the Fire Marshal and will be strictly enforced).

Announcing Events
Communication with Luxury Suite Holders and Securing Tickets to Non-Warriors Events (Concerts, Professional Ice Skating, Family Shows, Circus, etc.) Under the terms of the Suite License Agreement, Luxury Suite Holders have the right to receive 16 tickets. For family events that have multiple dates, the Warriors will select event dates for Luxury Suite availability.

In offering tickets to Oracle Arena events, the Warriors will communicate with Luxury Suite Holders via e-mail. Booking notices will be sent each time an event is officially scheduled at Oracle Arena.

Changes in Luxury Suite Account Information
All changes to your account must be stated in writing and mailed to the Warriors Luxury Suite Department. Luxury Suite Holders are responsible for notifying the Warriors for any change of telephone, email address, fax number, credit card number, home address or contact name.

All Luxury Suite Holders will be required to have one credit card on file. Your credit card must be pre-approved before receiving additional tickets or parking passes.

First Aid Stations
The Arena offers first-aid stations to assist at all events. The first aid stations are located on the Main Concourse of the Arena (at section 106).

The Warriors Team Store is located on the East Plaza concourse and features a wide variety of the latest and hottest Warriors sportswear and other sports memorabilia. In addition, merchandise stands are conveniently located on all concourse levels. The Arena store is open during Warriors’ home games only. However, you may order online here.

Oracle Arena Box Office and Ticketmaster
The computerized full service Arena Box Office features a total of 14 ticket windows, which are conveniently located on the East Plaza concourse. Tickets to most Arena events can be purchased at the Arena Box Office and all Ticketmaster locations conveniently located throughout the greater Bay Area.

Emergency exits are conveniently located on every level of the Arena and are clearly identified by signs located above the doorways. In the unlikely event of an evacuation, please follow the instruction of Arena representatives.

Ticket Policies for Lost or Stolen Tickets
Please contact the Luxury Suite Department within 24 hours if tickets are lost or stolen. If tickets are lost or misplaced, Suite Holders may make arrangements to purchase duplicate tickets at full face value of the missing tickets (the charge must be placed on a credit card). If the missing tickets are found, the full value of the tickets will be refunded upon presentation of the tickets to the Suite Services Department. If tickets are presumed stolen, the Luxury Suite Department must be notified within 24 hours and provided with a police report filed with a local law enforcement agency. Replacement tickets will then be issued at no charge and left at the Luxury Suite Will Call window or mailed, if time permits.

Suite Doors
Suite doors will be unlocked approximately one-and-a-half-hours before the scheduled event. Arrangements can be made with the Suite Services Department to keep your Suite door locked until you and your guests arrive.

Luxury Suite Catering Policies and Procedures, click here

E-mail inquiries to: suitesales@gs-warriors.com

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