Arena Development Project Announcements
Warriors Update Design of Waterfront Event Pavilion (11/12/13)
Today, on the third anniversary of the team’s "Lacob-Guber Era," the Golden State Warriors released an updated design of its proposed sports and entertainment pavilion on the San Francisco waterfront. More »
New Venue Renderings Unveiled (5/5/13)
New design includes more public access, fire station, deep-water ship berth and public views that allow visitors to see inside the Golden State Warriors practice facility and into the arena during Warriors games. View Renderings » | Read Press Release » | Read Chronicle Story »
Warriors Select Snøhetta And AECOM As Architecture Team (8/26/12)
The Golden State Warriors announced that Snøhetta and AECOM have been selected as the architecture team that will design the Warriors’ new sports and entertainment complex, with the new arena as the centerpiece, on the waterfront at Piers 30-32 in San Francisco. The parties are in the final stages of negotiating the agreement. More »
SF Arena Project FAQs

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Why has the team decided to pursue the construction of a new arena? And why San Francisco?
We believe a spectacular, centrally located sports and entertainment facility, right on San Francisco Bay, will best serve the organization, the fans and the entire Bay Area.
Where will the new arena be located?
The arena will be located on Piers 30-32 on the waterfront in San Francisco. This area is in close proximity to BART, Caltrain and Muni stops, ferry terminals and the Bay Bridge, while also being located within easy walking distance of the Financial District in Downtown San Francisco. VIEW MAP
How will the new arena be financed? Will this cost taxpayers anything?
This arena will be privately financed by the Golden State Warriors, without relying on the city’s general fund or any new taxes. The exact cost of the arena is not yet known, but the Warriors are committed not only to building a world-class facility, but to covering the cost of fixing the crumbling waterfront infrastructure the city currently has no identified means to pay for.
What does this announcement mean? When will the groundbreaking take place?
This signifies the mutual commitment of the Warriors and the City of San Francisco to build a new arena on the San Francisco Bay. A specific groundbreaking date has not been set, but construction is expected to last approximately three years.
What public transportation and parking options are there?
San Francisco is a transit-first city, and this will be a transit-first venue. One of the strengths of the arena’s waterfront location is its close proximity to a myriad of public transit options. Transit options are detailed below:
-Two Muni Railway drop-off locations are just steps from the arena location
-Connections at nearby BART & Caltrain stations
-Embarcadero BART station is less than one mile from the arena location
-Connection to Muni Railway
-4th & King Caltrain Station is less than one mile from the arena location
-Connection to Muni Railway
-Having the arena located on the Pier will provide the unique opportunity for fans to arrive via ferry service and water taxi. Site plans also include a marina that would allow for boat/kayak docking
-Ample parking will be available at and around the site. In fact, over 16,000 parking spots currently exist within a 20 minute walk to the site
-Ample bike parking will be available at and around the site
What will the new arena look like?
Plans for the arena are still in conceptual stages and its dimensions have not yet been determined. However, it will be an architecturally significant building on an iconic site.
How will the experience at the new arena compare to Oracle Arena?
The Warriors remain committed to the fan experience at Oracle Arena, with continued investment focused on significant arena upgrades. Recent upgrades have included a new high-definition scoreboard, full in-arena Wifi, state-of-the-art digital displays throughout the facility, new theater boxes, a second row of floor seats and a new VIP Club. Nevertheless, it remains a fact that the Warriors have the oldest home court in the NBA. Our new arena will be equipped with state-of-the-art features, amenities and emerging technologies for our fans, who will also benefit from its prime location on San Francisco Bay.
Will season ticket holders have the opportunity to purchase tickets at the new arena?
Current season ticket holders will have the opportunity to purchase season tickets at the new arena, with season ticket tenure factoring into the process.
Will the ticket prices remain the same in San Francisco?
While prices have yet to be determined, we will work to ensure that ticket prices are competitive within the marketplace.
What other events could this facility potentially host?
A new arena will fill a void in San Francisco’s cultural scene, providing a facility that can accommodate top-name musical acts, conventions, major cultural events and other sporting events.
Did the Warriors evaluate other Bay Area sites?
Yes, the team evaluated several other sites, but finally settled on this spectacular opportunity right on San Francisco Bay, easily accessible by fans throughout the Bay Area.
Is this project connected in any way to the San Francisco Giants?
No, the Warriors are working directly with the city to build the new arena. The Warriors and the Giants do, however, have a close working relationship.
Will there be public hearings for residents to voice their opinions about the project?
Yes, as with any building project, there will be an extensive public planning and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) process, with numerous opportunities for the public to weigh in. Fans are also welcome to send their thoughts and suggestions to the Warriors via e-mail at
Will the team continue to be an active part of the Oakland community?
The Warriors have a storied, 50-year history in the Bay Area. This new arena will set the stage for 50 more. Under the Warriors’ new leadership, the team has played a large and important role in the Oakland community: most recently renovating and unveiling Chris Mullin Basketball Courts in East Oakland; supporting the development of the state-of-the-art East Oakland Sports Complex; and sponsoring Council Member Desley Brooks’ three-on-three basketball tournament later this summer. The Warriors are committed to maintaining a close connection to Oakland, as well as the Bay Area as a whole.
What will happen to Oracle Arena once the team moves?
The facility is owned by the City of Oakland and they will determine what happens to it. The Warriors remain committed to the fan experience at Oracle, and have invested heavily in the arena to make it a great place to watch NBA games for the next five years.
Will the team still be known as the ‘Golden State Warriors’?
At this point, the plans only call for constructing a state-of-the-art arena for the Golden State Warriors on San Francisco Bay.
What’s the best way to stay up to date on all news and information surrounding this project?
Updates, news and answers to frequently asked questions will be posted to this site throughout the development process. You can also stay up to date on all arena-related news by following our official Facebook ( and Twitter accounts (@warriorssfarena). Fans are also welcome to send their thoughts and suggestions to the Warriors via e-mail at
The venue will be located on Piers 30-32 on the waterfront in San Francisco. This area is in close proximity to BART, Caltrain and Muni stops, ferry terminals and the Bay Bridge, while also being located within easy walking distance of the Financial District in Downtown San Francisco. View preliminary concept designs, facts and area maps below.
More images (click to enlarge):

Venue Footprint: 170,000 square feet

Venue Height: 110 feet to top of facade, 125 feet to top of arena roof. For reference, AT&T Park is 183 feet to light standard, 132 feet to top of seating bowl

Venue Seating Capacity: 18,064. For reference, the capacity of Oracle Arena is 19,596

Venue Total Square Footage: (including practice facilities and offices): 695,000 square feet

Practice Courts: 21,000 square feet

Community Event Room: 2,500 square feet

Parking Spaces: approximately 500 spaces, with bike valet for 300 bikes and 100 onsite bike rack spaces

Retail: 90,000 square feet

Open Space: 7.6 acres

Open Space as Portion of Total Site Area: 60% of the overall site

Maritime Uses: Ferry landing, fire boat/fire station facility (accommodating three fire boats), water taxi landing, deep-water berth for cruise ships and guest docks

Public View Into Arena: Yes

Red’s Java House: Preserved on southwest corner of site

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