OAKLAND, Oct. 16 -- The Golden State Warriors announced today increased security that will be implemented immediately for the 2001-02 National Basketball Association season.

"There will be numerous additional security measures put in place in all NBA arenas, consistent with the current conditions," said Warriors Chief Operating Officer Robert Rowell. "Some of the measures will be obvious to fans and many others will involve behind-the-scenes operations. However, we want fans to know ahead of time of certain procedures that may affect them. We apologize in advance for any inconveniences our fans may experience, and we suggest that they arrive at our arenas a little earlier than in the past while everyone gets adjusted to new routines."

Among the measures that will be put in place:

  • There will be an increased security presence both inside and outside The Arena in Oakland.
  • Fans entering The Arena in Oakland may be subject to security checks.
  • Briefcases and pocketbooks will be allowed in The Arena in Oakland, but will be inspected at all entrance gates.
  • Large bags, coolers and large backpacks will not be allowed in The Arena in Oakland.
  • Once they have exited, fans will not be allowed to re-enter The Arena in Oakland for any reason.
  • All vehicles without proper identification must be parked at least 100 feet from The Arena in Oakland in arena-controlled parking areas.
  • All media and others with access to restricted areas will be required to produce a photo ID, and all bags and equipment will be subjected to inspection.