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Game Recap: Warriors vs. Timberwolves - 3/19/12
Warriors Comeback Falls Short On Mullin Jersey Retirement Night
The Warriors suffered a 97-93 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Monday night. The result on the scoreboard spoiled what was a historic evening at Oracle Arena, as the team honored Hall of Famer and Warriors legend Chris Mullin with a special Jersey Retirement ceremony. David Lee paced the Warriors with 25 points and nine rebounds in the defeat, and Richard Jefferson logged 19 points off the bench in his Oracle Arena debut as a Warrior. The Warriors will now have a day off before visiting the Hornets on Wednesday.
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Game Highlights

Mullin's Jersey Retired

Chris Mullin Says Thanks

Richmond, Hardaway Pay Tribute

Attles Pays Tribute

Rush to the Rim

Love - 36
Ridnour - 11
Love - 17
Williams - 11
Ridnour - 10
Barea - 10
Johnson - 1
Four Tied - 1


Lee - 25
Jefferson - 19

Lee - 9
McGuire - 9

Robinson - 7
McGuire - 4

Wright - 2
Jefferson - 2
Chris Mullin
Opening Statement:
Its my honor to join the greats of this franchise and to be surrounded by my teammates, my coach and so many people that have had a great influence on my life. Looking forward to enjoying this evening and keeping my emotions in check - to me just brings back old memories. Although we didnt achieve the ultimate in winning a championship, I wouldnt trade away the people in this room that I was blessed to be surrounded by. Once again I want to thank Joe Lacob, Peter Guber for making tonight possible and I look forward to sharing this with my family, friends, teammates, coaches and the great fans the great Warrior fans.

On His Emotions For Tonight's Honor:
After playing for so many years you say while you are playing its all about the people and when its all said and done it truly is. Whatever happened on the court - I remember some very good nights, I remember some tough nights but ultimately the people that have influenced me along the way is what lasts foreverand the memory of those people. A lot of those people are here tonight. I have my teammates, Nellie [Coach Don Nelson], Rick Barry who Ive heard about since Ive been ten years old, just so many people that Ive been lucky enough to associated with because of basketball. I wouldnt say its that emotional its just happy memories are what I have.

On Memories Playing For Golden State:
So many. Once again playing with Mitch [Mitch Richmond], Timmy [Tim Hardaway] and Rod [Rod Higgins], Tom Tolbert and Jim Petersen it was the most fun I had playing basketball in my whole life. Nellie [Coach Don Nelson] was instrumental part of that he let Run TMC run-and-gun, thats what he let us do. He got Tom Tolbert and Jim Petersen to play different roles. We were entertaining, but with that we could also spend time 30 years later. We helped each other, we relied on each other, and it was a great time in our lives and I think we cherish it till this day.

On If He Still Has The Competitive Spirit:
You get weaned off it by old age and by creaky knees and things like that. You just come back to the memories. If you ask Tim [Tim Hardaway] he would give you a different answer, he would say that he could go out there tonight and he would kill J.J. BareaIm a little bit more realistic. Just all fun and great memories. I was talking to Saint [Garry St. Jean] yesterday, on any given night Nellie [Coach Don Nelson] would come in would just put up 40 or 50 and thats what we would put up for the quarter. But there was a method to that; we just didnt roll the ball out there. The way we played took just as much discipline and hard work as if it would if we were going to play in the 80s or 90s it was just different. We relied on each other, everyone had their roles - some more prominent than others. Pete [Jim Petersen] and Tommy [Tom Tolbert] maybe got two shots a weekendwhen the shot clock was way down. But hold on a second Sarunas Marciulionis I didnt even see you there. One of the all time great guys, loyal friends and to me, the first international player with great influence thats my guy there.

On Memories With Mitch Richmond and Tim Hardaway:
It wasnt just the games, back then we were all much younger, werent married with kids and we were all living in Harbor Bay it was kind of like a dormitory over there. We would practice at the College of Alameda and we would hang around afterwards for hours and play one-on-one, two-on-two we would play with weight vests, heavy ropes whatever we could find. On the way we had the unique relationship where we were competitive, but we were competitive to help each other. It wasnt just out talents, but our blends of talents and our different personalities that seemed to work. Sometimes you get that lucky space where the talents the chemistry is important to figure out. What Tim [Tim Hardaway] had I didnt have, what Mitch [Richmond] could do I couldnt do and together Nellie [Coach Don Nelson] figured out how to mix and match that thing by combination. I loved that style of play and I really do think it works, I know its up for debate, but if you get the right bug guy with that combination it was a great time. Ive never met a guy that has ever had any association with Mitch Richmond that doesnt think hes one of the best guys theyve ever come across. All along the way, there are just so many great people, and you know that while you are going through it, but 30 years later I was truly blessed.

On The Greatest Achievement During His Career:
Probably the greatest making the Dream Team was probably the number one memory that would stick out. That again was it was perfect timing I was just fortunate to be playing at a high level at that time. I think that the fact they were playing international rules and they needed a shooter all those things fell into place much like my life and my career. Its something I never take for granted and Im always grateful for that. Sometimes Im shocked it happened looking back. Im shocked at a lot of things that happened, Im shocked Im here tonight putting this jersey up there you dont think those things will happen to you - especially the road I took. Like I said, when all is said and done, some good games some bad games, great teams but to be surrounded by people to share it with is probably the most important.



Monday, March 19, 2012
Oracle Arena Oakland, Calif.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012 5:00 p.m.
New Orleans Arena New Orleans, La.

TV: CSN Bay Area (HD)
Radio: KNBR 1050