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Game Recap: Warriors vs. Trail Blazers - 2/15/12
Warriors Come Up Short Against Trail Blazers
The Warriors wound up on the short end of a back-and-forth battle Wednesday night, losing 93-91 to the Portland Trail Blazers at Oracle Arena. David Lee recorded his fifteenth double-double of the season, pouring in 29 points and 11 boards. Nate Robinson caught fire off the bench, knocking down three from deep and finishing with 21 points in 21 minutes. Stephen Curry struggled to find his shot but facilitated well, dishing eight assists on the night. The Warriors will look to bounce back Friday night when they face off against the Thunder in Oklahoma City.
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Game Highlights

Curry Leads the Break

Lee to the Rack

David Lee Postgame - 2/15
Stephen Curry Postgame - 2/15

Mark Jackson Postgame - 2/13
Trail Blazers

Wallace - 24
Batum - 17

Lee - 29
Robinson - 21
Camby - 11
Two Tied - 6

Lee - 11
Biedrins - 9
Felton - 6
Crawford - 6

Curry - 8
Ellis - 5
Batum - 2
Two Tied - 2

Curry - 2
Rush - 2
Mark Jackson
On The Final Shot Attempt For The Warriors:
We didnt have a lot of time, but Nate [Robinson] was getting wherever he wanted to on the floor. It was a high pick-and-roll and he came off and had options around the court with shooters with Steph [Stephen Curry], Klay [Thompson], Brandon [Rush] and even David [Lee] so we did get what we wanted.

On If The Final Shot Would Have Counted:
No, I didnt see it other than live, but I dont think it wouldve counted. Our video guys said it wouldnt have counted.

On Playing Against An Injured Blazers Team
We knew coming in this was a very good basketball team, with veterans. Its not like they were starting clowns as substitutes, those are proven guys. Give them credit. They went small; Gerald Wallace at the four and it hurt us. Certainly, when you say They dont have their best player you want to win, in your own building after they played last night, but I cant fault the effort, other than giving up 37 points in the second quarter - we gave up 36 in the second half. We made the adjustments, we battled and there were times we had an opportunity to close them out and they made a couple of dagger threes with the clock dwindling down that really hurt. A tough loss, but we move forward.

On Monta Ellis Not Playing In The Fourth Quarter
It really wasnt a decision due to anything other than the fact he wasnt feeling well all day long. During shoot around this morning, he really didnt participate in it and I didnt want him- I almost sent him home, told him to go home. Hes a gamer, hes a leader and he stayed. He was in and out, and today during the game, give him credit, he gave me everything he had and came in the back for a second and then when he came to the bench I asked him early in the fourth Are you OK? and he said Yes. I guess it was a read for me, it wasnt a normal Monta Ellis Yes, he really wanted it but I just made a decision that it was best to shut him down. Nate [Robinson] was playing well, but that doesnt matter. In a normal situation, Im going back to Monta Ellis whether it be for Nate [Robinson] - but I just made a decision that he was not 100 percent.

Stephen Curry
On The Last Possession:
We had no time outs and we had to advance from full court so we had to space the court as fast as possible. Nate (Robinson) tried to make a play and split the defense and we didnt get the shot off in time. It was a tough situation where you have four seconds to go the full length of the court and it didnt work out.

On Not Taking Advantage Of Lamarcus Aldridge Being Out:
Its disappointing for sure, you have a chance to go 3-0 on your home stand, to finish it out and make some more progress to crack into the eighth spot. Its disappointing but now we have the opportunity to beat two good teams in Memphis and Oklahoma City. Looking forward to that, hopefully we get better from tonight.

David Lee
On The Last Possession:
It was actually a pretty good play call. Nate (Robinson) got into the open floor, from where we were, we knew we had to get it to a guard. I ran a flat screen to have me rolling or Nate (Robinson) coming off it, just depended on how they played it we had three point shooters in either corner. It looked as though he held onto Nates (Robinson) arm when he came off, but if the play had been a success it wouldve been my man and his man collapsing on Nate (Robinson). Kick to the corner, (Brandon) Rush, the best three point shooter in the NBA wouldve had an open three to win the game. Unfortunately we bobbled the ball.



Wednesday, February 15, 2012
Oracle Arena Oakland, Calif.


Friday, February 17, 2012 5:00 p.m.
Chesapeake Energy Arena Oklahoma City, Okla.

TV: CSN Bay (HD)
Radio: KNBR 1050