April 27, 2012
Warriors Involved In Four Tiebreakers For Draft Pick Positions
Team Enters Next Month’s Draft Lottery Owning Picks #7, #30, #35 & #52 in 2012 NBA Draft

Following tiebreakers that were held earlier today to break ties among teams that finished the 2011-12 NBA regular season with identical records to help determine the order of selection for the 2012 NBA Draft, the Golden State Warriors have emerged with the pre-lottery slotted positions of #7 & #30 in the First Round and #35 & #52 in the Second Round, it was announced today. The random drawings were conducted in New York City by Carol Sawdye, NBA Chief Financial Officer, and Dan Rube, NBA Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel. The tiebreak process was overseen by Martin Shannon, a partner in the accounting firm of Ernst & Young.

The Warriors were involved in four tiebreakers today:
  • Golden State (23-43) won a tiebreaker with Toronto and enters the 2012 NBA Draft Lottery pre-slotted with the #7 position.

  • San Antonio (50-16) lost a tiebreaker with Chicago, and the Warriors, by virtue of acquiring the Spurs 2012 first round pick along with Richard Jefferson and T.J. Ford in exchange for Stephen Jackson on March 15, 2012, own the #30 pick.

  • New Jersey (22-44) lost a tiebreaker with Sacramento, and the Warriors, by virtue of acquiring the Nets 2012 second round pick along with Troy Murphy in exchange for Dan Gadzuric and Brandan Wright on February 23, 2011, own the #35 pick entering the lottery.

  • Atlanta (40-26) lost a tiebreaker with the L.A. Clippers, and the Warriors, by virtue of acquiring a 2012 second round pick from Atlanta (the lower of either Atlanta’s or Phoenix’s) in exchange for cash considerations on March 15, 2012, own the #52 pick.
In three of the four scenarios listed above (#7, #35 & #52), the Warriors pick ended up better than if the tiebreakers had gone the other way.

The actual final position of picks #1-14 will be officially determined during the 2012 NBA Draft Lottery on May 30. If the Warriors move up in the Draft Lottery to #1-3, or maintain their pre-slotted position at #7, the team will keep the pick. If the Warriors move down in the Draft Lottery to #8-10, the pick will become the property of the Utah Jazz, via the New Jersey Nets, by virtue of the Warriors trading a future protected first round pick to the Nets in exchange for Marcus Williams on July 22, 2008.

The Warriors currently own four picks in the 2012 NBA Draft. The team has not made more than three selections in any annual draft since selecting five players in 1995.