April 18, 2006

The Warriors drew over 700,000 fans for the first time in franchise history. (warriors.com photo)
The Golden State Warriors drew a crowd of 18,723 at the their 2005-06 home finale versus the Portland Trail Blazers on April 17, raising the 2005-06 season attendance average to 18,273 – which establishes a new franchise single-season attendance record. In 41 home games at the Arena in Oakland this season, the Warriors drew a total of 749,185 fans, marking the first time in franchise history that the team topped the 700,000 mark in total attendance.

This marks the fourth-straight season in which the organization has established a new single-season franchise attendance record. The new average attendance mark surpasses the previous record total of 16,350, which was established last season. In 2003-04 and 2002-03, the Warriors averaged 16,235 and 15,485 fans, respectively, both of which were also franchise records at the time.

Golden State realized an average increase of 1,923 fans per game in 2005-06 compared to last season, which is the largest such increase in the NBA other than the New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets, who saw an average increase of 3,948 fans per game (from 14,221 to 18,169) while playing a majority of their home games in a new city this season. The Warriors have already sold 600 new season tickets for 2006-07.

The following shows the Warriors’ attendance figures over the last four seasons:

Season Total Attendance Season-Ending Average
2005-06 749,185* 18,273*
2004-05 670,368* 16,350*
2003-04 665,648* 16,235*
2002-03 634,935* 15,485*

*Established New Franchise Record