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Tim Roye's Journal Update

Warriors Journal

After a two-week vacation, I have returned to Northern California and I am getting ready to for the rest of the summer. The Warriors are in sort of a dead period right now with the flurry of signings in the league having slowed down to a trickle.


Antawn Jamison --- working out while working with the club as a possibility of signing an extension this summer, which would lock him up as a Warrior for years to come.

Danny Fortson --- has started weight bearing exercises as the team continues to exercise the slow, cautionary approach to his rehab.

Erick Dampier --- has been the most consistent worker this summer with numerous appearances at the clubs practice facility in Oakland.

Larry Hughes --- trying to overcome injury filled season and making the transition to ball handling guard.

Jason Richardson --- averaged 21 points, 7 rebounds and three assists in summer league and one of socal's top pro performers there.

Chris Mills --- one of a number of Warriors who have been seen in Oakland this summer, and is also hoping to stay healthy.

Adonal Foyle --- spent part of his summer lobbying for students rights back in the state of New York, and is now putting workouts into high gear.

Mookie Blaylock --- always the subject of trade rumors, but more than likely will end his contract as a Warrior.

Vonteego Cummings --- did not play in the Warriors summer league and has been in his native Georgia for most of the off season.

Troy Murphy --- shot 49% from the field while averaging 19 points and seven rebounds per contest in the LA summer league, a gym rat.

Marc Jackson --- mystery man who has been rumored to be courted by Indiana and Seattle of late and can be retained by the Warriors for deals less than 4.5 million dollars.

Gilbert Arenas --- quickness and anticipation were shown in the LA Summer League, resulting in steals.

Bobby Sura --- rehabbing back problem has kept him in the East for most of the summer.

Chris Porter --- joined the summer team but played really well in the final few, bringing the energy fans came to love last season.

Corie Blount --- providing front court depth, and will be steady veteran on young team.

Note - Chris Mullin and Adam Keefe are unrestricted free agents while Paul McPherson, like Marc Jackson is a restricted free agent.

Summer League: Q and A

Warriors' assistant coaches Phil Hubbard and Mark Osowski coached the Warriors Summer League Team and I had a chance to talk with Phil about his observations.

First on the team overall "I was pleased and I think our fans will be surprised as we found out that we have players that will help us this season."

What about Jason Richardson?? "First, there was talk about his questionable shooting and we found out that his shot is pretty good. He plays good defense and is also very athletic, as we all know. He is one of those players that makes things happen and I think people will be surprised about how good he is and they will enjoy watching him play."

How did Troy Murphy play?? "Troy is a guy who has a skill that we need, a lot of teams need, and that is, that he can shoot. He has a better first step than we thought he did and is a pretty good rebounder. He also has the ability to elevate in traffic."

Gilbert Arenas has confidence, what else did he show?? "He has great anticipation on defense and in one of our first games, he had seven steals. His defense was fantastic and in the last three games he settled down on offense. He is farther away than the other two, but he will get some time."

What other players impressed you?? "Chris Porter did not join us at the beginning but he brought the energy that makes him special in the last two games. Point guard Dean Oliver ran the team well, made good judgments and knocked down open shots. You may see him in camp. Mario Bennett was a good presence inside and Rashad Phillips played pretty well, too."


What kind of compensation do we get if/when we lose Marc Jackson? Also, can we expect the Warriors to extend Jamison's contract (much like Vince Carter's & Paul Pierce's) anytime soon? Thanks, Erik

Jackson is a restricted Free agent but the Warriors are not due any compensation if the team cannot or elects not to match the offer of another organization. I think the Warriors are considering the Jamison extension, which would keep him around a long time. Whether or not, that deal is consummated before the deadline, remains to be seen.

With the ton of SG's on the team, what will the Warriors do with the players? Will Phillips (PG) stick with the team over Teego? Is everyone health and ready to go for the coming season. Do you think anything can be done to keep Jackson? Has Porter signed any deal with the team yet? Thanks for the info.
NC- warriors fan

The Warriors are not in the position to worry about having too much talent. Having depth accomplishes many things including competition for jobs, which will make players, work harder for playing time. That is a good thing. As we saw with Coach Hubbard's comments, Phillips played well but at this time, has not been invited to camp. As far as I know, everyone is healthy and working out. The Warriors are in great position to retain Jackson, since he is a restricted free agent and I expect him to be back. Porter is under contract. Thanks for the email.

Hi Tim, as an avid Warriors fan, I was wondering what the status was on Free-agent Center Nate Huffman. I know that the Warriors worked him out in early June just before the draft, however, there has been no news since his workout.

As such, I don't know if the Warriors were impressed with him or not. It would seem to me to be irresponsible for the Warriors to rely on a full season from Dampier due to his creaky knees. We need another Center.

And what ever happened to Brad Millard from St. Mary's? He's 7-3, 350 lbs. We could use some bulk and a defensive presence like that in our paint. I heard he has bad feet and has had some surgeries. Still, at that size and the fact that he is a local boy I think he would deserve a tryout.

Any info you can provide would be appreciated.
Jason S. Litteral

Nate Huffman did workout for the team and was not drafted and the club is contemplating sending him an invite for training camp. Foyle by the way is the clubs backup center and Mario Bennett may also be in camp. Brad Millard was also not drafted for all the reasons you have listed. His future as an NBA player is dim or nil. Thanks for the email.

Hi Tim,
I am a big warriors fan, always try to go to as many games as I can, despite all the losing. My question is about the number of players under contract. I believe it is 11 with the addition of the 3 draft picks makes it 14. We can keep 12 on the roster plus 2 on the IL. How can we then be talking about re-signing both Mullin and Jackson? I love Mullin and all he means to the warriors, but If I had to choose, I would have to try to sign Marc Jackson. Then it seems to me than we have to make a decision on the three most disposable of the other players under contract. In my opinion they would be in order: Bob Sura (Big contract+little production + bad back = untradable); Mookie Blaylock is on the downside of career, but with only 1 year left in contract and still a defensive specialist makes him the most tradable player, possibly keep him until the trading deadline (just in case the Hughes experiment doesn't work), then send him to a contender that needs a point guard (New York, LA, Toronto, Miami, San Antonio, Orlando...) for a future pick. Then there's Mills who is a good player, but with Jamison, Porter and even Richardson able to play SF I don't think he can get many minutes. The ideal situation would be to package 2 of these players, probably Mills and Mookie for only one player with upside or for a player at the end of his contract plus a pick. Am I dreaming or is this possible?

Well, you may be having a dream. Some of what you would like to do is possible, though it is not probable. You can keep up to fifteen players with 12 on the active roster and three on the injured list. Now, with the choice of Mullin or Jackson it may come down to What Marc does. He is currently running out of other alternatives so I believe the prospects are good that he will return. Mullin adds so many things to the franchise, so I hope it works out for him as well. Now, as far as your trades go, sending Mookie to a contender for a pick won't work because they won't have the cap room. Plus, hanging on to Mookie is good insurance at the point, as you pointed out. Sura is facing a challenge for playing time, so I expect him to be ready to go in October, back permitting. I would never trade Mills unless it is a no brainer. Thanks.

Tim, I am 100% sure that the Sonics would give up Gary Payton and Brent Barry to the warriors for Jason Richardson, Larry Hughes, and next years First round pick. With this trade the warriors will finally make the playoffs and more importantly Jamison won't leave after another losing season. I know Gp is aging but he should have five more years in him. How do you feel about this trade?

I don't believe that Payton wants to go to a rebuilding franchise number one. Even if he has five good years left, Richardson and Hughes may have ten. Finally, under the salary cap rules, this trade will not work as Payton makes an awful lot of money.

There has been talk that the warriors are looking to add Khalid El-Amin or even Rashad Phillips to an already crowded backcourt. If this does happen, it seems likely that 1 or 2 more players might go, either by trade or waive. Who do you think the warriors will let go and how do you think El-Amin or Phillips could help our team. Thanks.

I believe El-Amin has signed a contract with Dallas and to be honest, I don't think he is all that good anyway. Phillips could be invited to camp but I really don't see either player helping the Warriors more than the players they already have. Plus, Golden State like the rest of the teams in the NBA need other players for training camp to have enough players for numerous scrimmages and the like. Once again, let me say, depth is a good thing. Thanks for the email.

Dear Tim Roye:
Well, here are possibilities that I have conjured up:
(1) Let Marc Jackson (Center) sign elsewhere; sign Manute Bol (Center) for the minimum... hopefully, Bol has something left in him from the early years. Advantage: Bol is a known shot blocker. With Eric Dampier, Adonal Foyle, and Manute Bol, the Warriors would have plenty of shot blocks to dish out on everybody.

(2) If Larry Hughes isn't doing it at Point Guard, then trade Hughes and Dampier to New York for Latrell Sprewell. Advantage: New York gets younger pieces to build from; Golden State gets known offensive spark that doesn't mind handling the ball at Point Guard, AND has defensive presence to match as well.

WHY? Warriors needs all the help they can get to match the Los Angeles Lakers duo of O'Neal and Bryant.
Yours, Richard

Please forgive me, but you probably need a good nights rest and someone to talk to. Manute Bol??? Why stop there, let's go back and get Alton Lister or Les Jepson . And if you think that there is any chance of Sprewell playing in the Bay Area again, then I must insist you see a counselor or an NBA general manager.

Dear, Tim
Is the warrior's pre season going to be televised and who do you think would get the most minutes in the pre-season?? Thanks-007

There will be two Warriors games televised in the preseason. They are October 12 and 13 versus the Los Angeles Lakers and will be emanating from Tokyo, Japan. Those games will be broadcast on WTBS. Those two will also be on radio with yours truly as well the home game Against Seattle October 21st and the road game in the LA shootout versus Milwaukee October 26. Those four preseason games will be broadcast on KTCT 1050 am Bay Area. Thanks for the email.

First off, I appreciate your candor when answering your e-mails. I for one am a little amazed at the lack of optimism for the upcoming Warriors season. I feel that barring injury the Warriors could at worst be a very exciting team to watch and at best be a contender for the 7th or 8th playoff spot. I look at teams like Minnesota, and Utah and I feel that the Warriors are right there! Given the mix of a maturing Jamison, an improving Hughes (According to all reports coming out of Oakland), a healthy Dampier and Fortson, and an exciting cast of new additions (Richardson, Murphy, and Arenas); the Warriors have the most promise since the days of Webber and Sprewell (pre-choke of course)! Well, I can't wait till the season starts, and I look forward to those cold blustery evenings listening to you scream "ELEVATION SENSATION!" as J Rich slices through the lane throwing down a monster jam on Eddie "anger management" Griffins dome!!!
Simeon Jones
Danville, CA

I happy for your optimism but the West is so tough that if the Warriors are contending for the 7th and 8th spots, then it will be one of the stories of the year. I will say this, the roster is as deep and talented as any Warriors' roster since the departure of Webber and I think watching this young team grow will be a lot of fun and will be very exciting. Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks for all your emails and I hope your having a great summer. I try to answer as many as I can.

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