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The Warriors are in South Florida where the sunshine brings a nice 80-degree day into focus. They wrap up their five-game swing with bouts with Miami and Orlando.

Ike Diogu boarded the teams’ flight to Minneapolis in Oakland wearing a pair of knee-high shorts. He was reminded that in Minneapolis, it is still winter as evidenced by the snowfall during the Sunday game there.

Adonal Foyle founded Democracy Matters in the summer of 2001 . (NBAE/Getty)
Baron Davis chatted with Snoop Dog before boarding the teams’ bus to the game in Atlanta. I was not privy to the conversation, but can a Warriors jersey with SNOOP DOG on the back be far behind?

Adonal Foyle celebrates his 31st birthday on this trip as well as an appearance on CSPAN last Sunday night. Foyle discussed his Democracy Matters organization which is on college campuses around the country. On the Warriors Weekly Roundtable Show, Adonal told me that he has received hundreds of e-mails because of that appearance.

The Warriors have been very competitive in the games over the last few weeks, but have not been able to close them out. In 10 of the last 13 losses, the team has been within four points or less with five minutes remaining. If they could have split those ten losses then their record would be 30-31 at this point. That is an indication of how close this team is.

Warriors Assistant Coach Mario Elie was named the Northeast-10 25th Anniversary team. Elie played for American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts from 1981 through 1985 and is arguably the conference’s best player ever. He played for Coach Jimmy Powell who is now the advance scout of the Indiana Pacers.

Mario Elie is in his second year as assistant coach for the Warriors. (NBAE/Getty)
Mickeal Pietrus - - - came down wrong on his left ankle in Atlanta and DNP in Charlotte

Troy Murphy - - - was singled out in this past weeks Sports Illustrated by the GM of the Newark Bears who wants Troy to coach third base this summer

Adonal Foyle - - - is closest to his native island of Canuouan with the Miami game

Baron Davis - - - giving it a go on a sore ankle

Jason Richardson - - - has there been a better off-guard in the league over the last six to ten games?

Derek Fisher - - - starting because of injury and responded with career number four and five double-doubles

Monta Ellis - - - wowed the crowd in Charlotte with his production off the bench

Andris Biedrins - - - seven points and 5.7 rebounds over the past few games while shooting 70%

Calbert Cheaney - - - a turn the clock spin move in Charlotte brought the bench to their feet

Mike Dunleavy - - - has given the team a different look coming off the bench

Zarko Cabarkapa - - - has struggled to find minutes of late

Ike Diogu - - - his learning curve continues


Since Cabarkapa hasn't played this much this year why doesn’t Mullin send him down to the D-League? Get him to play and get ready for next year. If Taft gets off the injury list, I'd do the same with him, too. Send them both to D-League. Get them some playing time and get the ready for next season.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this.

At the same time, let’s start looking towards the draft. Who is out there in next year's draft? Thanks.
Best regards,
Joe Lee

The D-League is not a bad option for younger players, but NBA teams can only send down rookies or players with one year of service, so that rules out Zarko. Taft is better off working with the Warriors training staff to get him back healthy for next season.

As far as the draft goes, I will start outlining prospects in the next journal but, be aware that the general consensus is that this is not a deep draft.

It's obvious that the Warriors MUST improve if they want to make the playoffs in 2007. Unfortunately, I'm starting to think that unless they get the #1 or #2 pick in the draft, they won't be able to trade for a quality big man because they won't have enough to offer. What do you think?

Also, would the Warriors have enough cap room to sign players like Al Harrington and Mike James?
Martin in Oakland

Jason Richardson tied his career high 42 points against Atlanta March 7th. (NBAE/Getty)
First, the Warriors will not have the cap room to sign a big time free agent or even players like you suggest, but they have the pieces and the contracts to work a sign and trade. If they choose to go that route this offseason, they could be very attractive to a team that could end up losing their player for nothing. I think a big man who could score and a pure shooter type would help as well. Chris Mullin has assets in terms of players and picks and is not afraid to make a deal. Therefore, my advice would be watch the off-season and see what moves the team will make.

When do we as a community decide to give up on this team? Kenneth Bosworth

I know it has been hard to be a fan of the Warriors over these last few years. No fans deserve a winner more than the loyal following of the Golden State Warriors. However, if one were to give up, you may never feel the sweet satisfaction of victory. If my dad had bailed on his beloved Red Sox then the sweet October of 2004 would have been just another month for him. Or check out the records of the Detroit Pistons in the 60’s and 70’s and you can understand what I am talking about. As frustrating as this season has been, I look at this roster and can still be enthusiastic about the future. Now, this team is closer becoming that consistent winner that fans deserve and that the record shows. If you haven’t already, check out what Vice President of Basketball Operations Chris Mullin had to say in this wide ranging interview, here.

Hey Tim,
I'd like to know what happened to Zarko Cabarkapa. He hasn't played in awhile and in my opinion hasn't been given significant playing time since playing 17 minutes against Memphis (2/13/06). I often see him suited up, but always sitting on the bench. How is he going to develop as an individual and team player if he is not getting the minutes?


I like Zarko, but he is losing minutes to young players like Ike Diogu and Andris Biedrins who also need to develop. Z seems to lose confidence quickly and that has curtailed his playing time. I love his skills, but he needs to get a little stronger so he can play minutes at the power forward spot.


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