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December 13, 2002

Tim Roye Journal

The Warriors are in Orlando where torrential rain greeted our arrival on the only Florida stop of the season. Friday’s game with Orlando will be followed with a stop in Miami and then a visit to Memphis for the first look at the Hubie Brown coached Grizzlies.

After a tough 2-8 beginning which saw seven of the club’s first 10 games on the road, the Warriors recently completed an 11-game stretch where they won six and lost five. The highlight of that stretch was their last contest, an exciting 106-102 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers. The Warriors hung on for the win down the stretch via free throws and an incredible charge picked up by Earl Boykins in the last minute.

I believe that the win over the Lakers is the type of victory that Golden State can use for the confidence needed to close out winnable games, especially on the home floor. It is essential for the team to develop said confidence if they are able to pick up more wins in the number of tight games that they have been involved in.

Jason Richardson set a franchise mark for three point shots made without a miss in the Lakers game, as he went six-for-six. In fact over the last two contests, Richardson has made seven consecutive three-point shots, which is one off of the franchise record of eight consecutive without a miss held by Jon Barry (12/30/95-1/24/96).

Next up for Jamison is Eric "Sleepy" Floyd
NBAE Photos/Getty Images
Antawn Jamison will pass Chris Mullin for consecutive starts in the game at Orlando. Jamison has started in 185 consecutive games, as Mullin did the same from 2/11/88—thru 3/11/90. It is the longest starting streak since Sleepy Floyd started 285 consecutive Warriors games from 4/15/84 thru 12/12/88.

The Warriors have the obvious connection with the Magic with Coach Eric Musselman who was an assistant with Orlando from 1998-2000 working under Chuck Daly and Doc Rivers. Assistant Coach Tom Sterner was also a Magic assistant coach and Head of Basketball Operations Otis Smith was an original Magic player in 1989 and was extremely popular in town and remains so today.

Antawn Jamison --- scoring has been consistent and as Coach Musselman points out, you don’t need to run plays for him. He’ll get his points any which way.

Troy Murphy --- 10th leading rebounder in NBA at 9.7 and early favorite for Warriors most improved player

Erick Dampier --- fifth leading shot blocker in NBA at 2.67…his presence makes Warriors a tougher team to score upon

Gilbert Arenas --- the player the Warriors can least afford to get hurt…missed time in Lakers game with strained right groin muscle

Jason Richardson --- the slump is over and set franchise record with 6-6 three point shots in win over LA

Earl Boykins --- has had the most impact of any in-season free agent signee in the NBA this season, has been indispensable

Mike Dunleavy --- can contribute without scoring with a rebound or an assist, needs to stay focused with limited minutes

Danny Fortson --- made best contribution of season against Lakers with a double/double of 10 points and 11 rebounds…Acting like a true professional

Adonal Foyle --- better offensively, consistent defensively, invaluable player off the bench

Chris Mills --- has played well off the bench in his first two games of the season and is providing the veteran leadership off the bench that the front office was hoping for

Oscar Torres --- has seen minutes go down with arrival of Boykins, as it moves Gilbert over to off guard on occasion

Jiri Welsch --- same as Torres but both of these shooters will get some time in the future

Injured List

Bob Sura --- hoping to be involved in full scrimmages by the middle of next week

Hi Tim,
Wonderful game against the Lakers. We have to sign Gilbert Arenas now for the maximum we can offer him. We shouldn't trade Mike Dunleavy. I think he is going to be a good player. He just needs some seasoning from Mr. Chris Mullin and follow in the footsteps of Troy Murphy. Dunleavy has to be a shooter and shouldn't be gun shy. Tell him to take more shots; we need the offense off the bench. I know we are formulating a very good team. We need to keep these guys together. We will develop into something special. Defense is key. What do you think?
#1 Fan in San Mateo

It was a great game with the Lakers and a fully entertaining NBA basketball game. The Warriors love Gilbert Arenas and his situation will be resolved in the off-season. He is a talented player who is doing as well as anyone could have hoped in this situation. Dunleavy is a player who is playing like a rookie and that is to be expected. The aggressiveness will come with confidence and that will come through time and working to improve his game. The defense is getting better and that will also have to continue through the course of this season. The mindset and trust that good defense requires is not born overnight, but takes repetition and dedication. Thanks for the email.

What's going on with Bob Sura? How hurt is he and when is expected to be back?

The Sura update is that he is continuing his workouts and hopes to be getting into full scrimmages by the middle of next week. He is a hard worker and is very competitive and that makes it hard for him to be on the sideline. The team needs that dimension of his game that he could bring to a young squad.

Welsh is having trouble finding minutes becasue of the stong play from Earl Boykins and Mike Dunleavy
NBAE Photos/Rocky Widner
Hello Tim,
I was wondering if you could explain why Jiri Welsch has not been getting the playing time he deserves. I understand he is a great shooter that also plays a smart game. If he is to become the player we all envisioned him to be, he needs the experience. Earl “The Mini Pearl" Boykins has been great coming off the bench and I'm sure Jiri would give us that same energy and shooting ability too. Also, Oscar Torres needs to take more shots late in the game and Antawn needs to stay away from those three-pointers and do what he does best - score in the paint. Thank you for your time.
Gary Cordero

Jiri has not been getting into games because Boykins and Dunleavy have played better than he has. Welsch has lost a little confidence, which is understandable, but it is a long season and he will get his chance. The same goes for Torres, whose minutes have been cut down with the superb bench play of Boykins. Boykins play-making skills, combined with an uncanny ability to release his shot before the defender can block it, make him a tough match up for any team. Jamison has been shooting less threes until the last few games. I agree with you that he needs to be more a paint scorer than a jump shooter, but a happy medium makes him a special scorer. Thank you.

Hi Tim,
I like to follow the players from my Alma Mater, and was especially interested to see how Steve Logan would fare in the NBA. Right now I'm thinking the next time I see him will be on the back of a milk carton. I can't seem to find any info on his current status, local or otherwise. All I see in the latest press releases is Golden State rummaging through cast-offs, and no mention of Logan anywhere. Is he injured and out for good, or is it a serious contract disagreement. Regards,

The published articles that I have read find him rehabbing an injured foot while also being involved in contract negotiations with the Warriors. It is a sad situation because I believe that Steve is getting lousy advice and as a result, has missed out on a chance to pick up valuable playing time as Arenas’ back up. That chance may not come again for a long time and his status currently is up in the air.


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