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Athletic Trainer Talk

Tune into warriors.com this season to get all the training and rehabilitation tips from one of the top athletic trainers in the NBA. This season the Warriors Athletic Trainer, Tom Abdenour, will share his expertise with you by answering fan questions throughout the season, host a series on rehabilitating injuries and detail some common injuries that can affect the everyone from the NBA player to a recreational athlete.

Latest Feature:
Take Me Higher
Head Athletic Trainer Tom Abdenour brings you his latest essay on you can increase your vertical leap .
  • Read his essay now

    PHOTO: Jason Richardson demonstrating some of his jumping abilities. (Photo by: NBAE Photos)
    Warriors athletic trainer Tom Abdenour handles the health and rehabilitation issues for an elite NBA team, but is also sharing his expertise with fans by answering e-mails throughout the season. Send him your question now!
    Answers from Abdenour:
    November 19 | Oct. 21 | Sept. 16 | May 1 | March 27 | Feb. 20 | Jan. 23 | Dec. 26 | Dec. 5
    Tom has been anwering questions from fans for many years. To view an archive of past questions and answers from fans, click here


    Conditioning Drills
    Troy Murphy and NBA's Inside Stuff Summer Sanders demonstrate some drills you can do while running. Watch this video 56k | 300k
  • Vertical Leap Essay
  • More Conditioning Drills
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    Ankle drills
    Tom discuses the rehabilitation process players and athletic trainers go through to bring athletes back from specific injuries. In this edition, Troy Murphy demonstrates some advanced excercises to help stregthen your ankles. Check it out!
  • More strengthening exercises:
    Back (with Warrior Girl Tara)
    Groin (with Gilbert Arenas)
    Knee (with Erick Dampier)
    Ankle (with Troy Murphy)
  • Common Injury Essays
    Abdenour talks about some common injuries that affect today's NBA players and recreational athlete. This edition focuses on injuries to the back.

  • All About Ankles
  • Back injuries
  • ACL injuries
  • Hand injuries and how it affected Chris Mullin
  • Plantar fasciitis
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