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(GSW Leads Series 1-0)
The Warriors grinded and grinded and took down the Clippers 109-105 in Game 1 of the series in Los Angeles on Saturday. The Dubs were up by 11 in the fourth quarter but let the lead slip away before holding the Clippers scoreless over the final 1:31 to steal the game. Klay Thompson led the Warriors with 22 points, David Lee (20 points, 13 rebounds) came up big in the second half and Stephen Curry tallied 14 points and seven assists in the nail-biter. After turnovers and missed shots plagued the Warriors for the first four minutes of the game, the Warriors got back into it with quality ball movement and toughness on both ends of the floor. The Dubs held the Clippers to 42.4% shooting for the game and overcame the absence of Andrew Bogut (rib injury) and Andre Iguodala, who fouled out after 20 minutes of game action. Harrison Barnes made several big plays and finished with 14 points and eight rebounds, while Draymond Green also stepped up with seven points, seven rebounds, four assists and two blocks. After stealing Game 1, the Warriors will look to make it two in a row when the series resumes on Monday night in Los Angeles.
Mark Jackson
On the game:
“It's awfully a good basketball team and we knew what it was going to take, the type of energy and effort to win the game. It's the best of seven and against a very, very good basketball team, with outstanding talent and obviously outstanding coaching, but I'm proud of my guys, I talked about it before hand. We're not going to quit, we're balanced so I thought when you look at the fact that we had 21 turnovers, the fact we gave up 16 offensive rebounds, we just had a tremendous will and a tremendous competitive spirit tonight and a game one victory but this series is far from over.”
On the team's interior play in the third quarter:
“That's really who we are; it's a pick your poison offense. We got great shooting but we made great decisions out of it, they made a decision of trying to get the ball out of Steph's hands by the way they were defending pick-and-rolls. We were patient enough to make the proper plays, we winded up getting hot and center shots because of our executions offensively.”
On Chris Paul:
“I thought Chris Paul obviously made some huge plays and put them in to position to win the ball game. [He] hit a dagger three which tied the ball game, his toughness, his competiveness, the guy will be a hall of fame, there's no question about it; he is an all-time point guard. The job that I'm asking Klay [Thompson] and the other guys to do is just to compete against him. You can compete against him and he could be lights out and put on a clinic but we are balanced, we're competing. I thought Klay did a very good job of just staying connected to him but that's a tall task because he is an incredible basketball player.”
Stephen Curry
On upcoming playoff series against Los Angeles Clippers:
“We've been resilient all year and obviously it's a big stage too. To play the way we did, down the stretch make some big plays, respond to that first quarter run that they had. It just said a lot about how we are not going to quit, we're going to keep fighting, and it's a big way to start the series.”
On the first quarter deficit:
“We knew it wasn't going to be easy to just come in here and get a win but when you go down 12-1 and take two quick timeouts, you just want to keep your composure and realize you look at the clock, there's a lot of time left. If we just become aggressive and get a couple stops and fuel our offense, we'll be fine. That is kind of what happened when you close to a four-point deficit end of the first quarter and from there, that's the rest of the story and just to trying to play our brand of basketball, it just took us a little four minutes to get there.”
David Lee
On his performance:
“Well I got off [to a] bit of a slow start really because of getting hurt last year; this is really my first playoff game tonight. So I got off to a little bit of a slow start and once again, just like our team, I just tried to be resilient and the guys told me to keep being aggressive. The second half, [I] found a better rhythm and when the shot blockers came, I thought we did a pretty good job with interior passing and getting a lot of easy buckets in the paint through that, so just tried to keep going at it. They're very an athletic team; they're going to make plays defensively and it's my job to continue to be aggressive.”
On playing without key players:
“Well first of all, missing Andrew [Bogut] is a huge piece of what we do. He's an unbelievable player, anchors our defense but I think the biggest thing is we felt like we had nothing to lose coming into this series. We feel like this is two very good basketball teams, we're a little bit short-handed so our goal tonight was to come out aggressive and to come out and hit first. That didn't mean get down 10 to one or whatever happened, but that's the way it worked but we feel like we have enough players to win this series and just try to be aggressive. Maybe being short-handed focused on that a little bit more.”
When the Warriors and Clippers went head-to-head in the regular season, a common thought in the basketball world went something like this, “Man, wouldn’t it be fun if these two teams met in the postseason?” Well, that’s about to become reality as the teams’ first round playoff series tips off this Saturday in Los Angeles at 12:30 p.m. (TV: ABC; Radio: KNBR 680). The Warriors, who took the third seed in the Western Conference with a 51-31 record, split their four-game season series with the Pacific Division-winning Clippers (57-25), with the home team winning all four games. READ MORE ON THE WARRIORS-CLIPPERS MATCHUP
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Steve Blake. The Clippers are going to run man after man at Stephen Curry. With Bogut out, one way Jackson can adapt is to slide Lee to center and insert Blake as an additional ball-handler. By moving Curry off the ball, the match-ups will become tougher for the Clippers. Running an extra man at Curry will leave a scorer wide open. The Warriors' success will hinge largely on whether Curry, Blake and everyone else can find a way to keep the ball moving. Plus, Blake's toughness and veteran cool will be appreciated in the high-pressure environment of the series. READ MORE
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The Clippers won the Pacific Division in convincing fashion, and it’s no mystery as to why. Chris Paul continues to be the top floor general in the game, Blake Griffin grew into a complete player and DeAndre Jordan has developed into a consistent source of production. The Clippers were the most efficient team in the NBA on offense and are a top-ten defensive team as well. In Doc Rivers’ first year at the helm in Los Angeles, the Clippers have turned into a team deep with talent that can hurt you in multiple ways. They are a dangerous team on the break and can also beat you in the halfcourt as well. One are that will be particularly interesting is how the Clippers defend the three in this series. On the season, Los Angeles ranked first in opponent 3-point shooting, and whether or not good perimeter shooting by the Warriors beats good perimeter defense could go a long way in determining the series outcome.
Injury Report
GSW: Andrew Bogut (fractured rib) and Festus Ezeli (recovery from right knee surgery) are out.

LAC: None.