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Box Score
THU OCT 24 7:30 PM
The Warriors fell to the Trail Blazers 90-74 on Thursday night, closing out their preseason schedule. The Dubs led by seven at halftime, but struggled to score in the second frame. The loss concludes a preseason in which the Warriors went 3-4. Stephen Curry led the team in scoring with 17 points to go along with six assists, while Klay Thompson added 16 points of his own. Next up: Opening Night on 10/30 when the Warriors will take on the visiting Lakers at Oracle Arena.
Mark Jackson
On If He Thought He Would Go Back To His Starters Late:
"No, not initially, but I thought it would be a good chance for them to work up a sweat considering the fact they can't do anything tomorrow after back-to-back games."
On If He Had Any Concerns During The Preseason:
"Back-to-back nights we did not play the same way in the second half. We have to work on that and be better. For some reason the ball stopped moving and we stopped pushing it. Part of the reason was because the pace was slow because we were fouling and they were shooting foul shots. I'm glad the preseason is over with and now we move on to the regular season."
On If He's Satisfied With The Preseason:
"Yes, because for the most part we are healthy."
On The Status Of Nemanja Nedovic:
"He said he was fine to stay in, but I didn't like the way he fell and took the hit. Just the smart thing to do to take him out."
On If He Thinks Nemanja Nedovic Has A Chance To Crack The Rotation:
"I'm a guy that is going to give everyone an opportunity. I'm not going to minimize his role on this team. He continues to work, practice and to be prepared. The opportunity will present itself at some point and he will have the opportunity to speed up the process."
On If The Team Was Perhaps Too Anxious To Start The Season:
"We are a no excuse basketball team and I'm not going to tolerate that type of basketball in the preseason, practice or what - that's how you develop bad habits. That's unacceptable."
On If Toney Douglas Can Play Significant Minutes Without Scoring:
"I'm not really concerned about him making shots, he impacts the game picking up full court, defending, pushing the basketball and playing reckless. He's just trying to find his way, he hasn't yet, but we got him for a reason and he will have an opportunity and we believe in him."
On What He Has Planned For The Team In The Next Few Days:
"Get some rest as a team and obviously we'll do that with tomorrow off and then the open practice Saturday. I just think the guys that are a little weary will get some rest and recoup and then hit the ground running when it's time for us to get after it. I think we are going to have to have some spirited, competitive practices to put us in position to really be ready for the regular season."
David Lee
On The Attitude Of The Team:
"We've talked since the start of the preseason about having the same attitude coming in to start the season, whether we're the hunter or the hunted, whatever it is. The attitude that made us successful last year was playing for one another, nobody having an agenda, and everybody doing their job, and that's what we're going to continue to do as the season starts. Just as we ignored the predictions last year that we weren't going to make the playoffs, we now can't let positive outlook change the way we work; we just need to stick to what we're doing."
On His Attitude:
"To speak for myself, I have a lot of unfinished business from last year; an untimely situation that was out of my control, so I'm excited to continue to get better and have an even better season than last year, continue to do my job for this team and be the all-star that I was last year and continue to do my job and hopefully we can have an even better year than last year."
On The Preseason:
"We have a lot of work to do. We had a couple good showings, had a few good halves we played. I thought we played pretty well overall in China. These last two games, for fatigue or whatever reason, we didn't play our best. We played a decent half in both and didn't play well in the second half. I think that all these things in the preseason have been learning experiences and we'll take everything. We've got a good solid week of practice, five or six days of practice, and we're going to compete against each other in practice, get better, and get ready for the opening tip."
Andre Iguodala
On Weaknesses:
The way we played in the first half was solid. We had good moments the last two nights. Tonight we just didn't make shots. That's going to be our Achilles heel, when we're not making shots, how do we defend when the ball's not going in the hole. That's something for our team to work on."