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Box Score
TUE OCT 8 6:00 PM
The Warriors fell to 1-2 in the preseason after losing to the Jazz 101-78 on Tuesday night. Marreese Speights led the Dubs with 13 points to go with six rebounds. Stephen Curry and David Lee scored 10 points each, and Andrew Bogut had 10 rebounds, but that was not enough to overcome a night in which Golden State shot only 32 percent from the field. The Warriors now head off to China where they’ll play the Lakers twice. The first game will be on October 15th at 4:00 a.m.
Mark Jackson
On the Game:
“We didn’t play good basketball. They outworked us. They were more physical. And like I said, it doesn’t matter who’s on the floor, our identity remains the same… Just disappointed. Right now, we haven’t looked like ourselves. I thought early on, we played well. I thought what happened is their bench came in and they impacted the game. I believe they outscored our bench 30-13. And it wasn’t just our bench, because our starters were in there for a time. It’s just that they picked up the intensity, they played with great force, and they changed the game. They took it over from that point.”
On Andrew Bogut:
“He is crucial to us. This is the first time in a long time he’s healthy and whole. And his ability to defend, rebound, post up, make plays in transition and also in the half-court set separates him. He just makes our weapons on the floor live ones as opposed to…, you know, you don’t have to guard the five man. He’s a big time player. He’s finally 100% and it’s been a long time, but he deserves it.”
On the New-Look Jazz:
“They’re well coached, scrappy, they get after it. Physical. You can see the direction they’re headed in. It was a good night for them.”
Andrew Bogut
On Enjoying Coming Back to Utah:
“Not when we get beat. This was a quick trip for us being on a back-to-back, so I didn’t have much time to catch up. It’s always nice coming back and seeing the fans I played in front of for two years at the ‘U’ (University of Utah).”
David Lee
On Not Using Three Games in Four Nights as an Excuse:
“We know that our team is capable of playing much better than this. I think it’s just being realistic. We will have plenty of three games in four nights during the regular season against top teams in the league. We have to find a way to go on the road and get wins like we did last year. For whatever reason we didn’t get it done tonight.”
On Reasons Defensive Effort Hasn't Translated From Practice:
“There shouldn’t be a reason. In practice you have a little better idea of what’s coming at you as opposed to a game. We haven’t done much scouting because all three teams we’ve played it has been their first game of the season. It will get easier from that standpoint. We all need to do a better job, big guys, perimeter guys, everyone. We all have to find ways to get stops and that starts with the first team.”