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Box Score
MON OCT 7 7:30 PM
Highlights were aplenty in Monday's 94-81 win over the Kings at Oracle Arena. Stephen Curry splashed home four three-pointers and had a game-high 23 points and six assists while David Lee posted a double-double (14 points, 13 rebounds) as the Warriors improved to 1-1 in the preseason. Andre Iguodala finished off multiple alley-oop slams during his seven-point, five-steal and three-assist night and Klay Thompson came off the bench for 17 points. The Dubs will continue preseason play on Tuesday when they travel to Salt Lake City to take on the Jazz.
Mark Jackson
On Tonight's Game:
“It thought it was important for us to start developing and establishing our ways and how we go about defending and executing offensively. There were some parts of the game where we did just that and then there were some parts that we need to work on.”
On Bringing the Starters Back at the End:
“I was just trying to get them the minutes I wanted them to get going in. Building from our last game, that’s all that was about.”
On Harrison Barnes:
“He has some left foot inflammation. Just smart for us to shut him down. It’s been an issue for a couple of days now. I don’t think he was 100%, but fought through it and wanted to give it a go tonight.”
On Dewayne Dedmon:
“Yeah, I’m laughing because he was scared to death the first game. It was a kid playing in his first game, playing the way he played in college and he was probably nervous. I had not seen that guy play. I had a talk with him and it was good that he started to play his brand of basketball. He’s an NBA player with a bright future.”
On if Dewayne Dedmon has a Chance to Make the Team:
“He has a chance, he really does. He’s a very good athlete with the ability to shoot the basketball and can pick up things quickly on the floor. I really think that he is an NBA player today.”
On the Team's Defense the Final Three Quarters:
“Think about 37 points in the 2nd half - I thought we really got after it. One play gave me goose bumps where Klay (Thompson) rotated and picked up the steal from the weak side. That’s our brand of defense. We did that while turning the ball over 22 times – which we have to get better at. If you take care of the basketball and defend that way you’ll have a chance every night.”
On if he Wants the Second Unit to be a Defensive Group:
“I want everyone on the floor – I want to be a defensive team. Whether we stick with our first lineup or with the second unit, our mindset remains the same. The difference is that we have some defensive specialists like Toney Douglas, that’s what he gets paid for and Draymond Green. Not saying that these guys are not good offensively, but these guys are premier defenders. We want to defend and then we want to push the basketball. I think that will make us a dangerous team and give us a different look coming off the bench when you can apply that much pressure with the second unit.”
On Stephen Curry Shooting 10 Free Throws Tonight:
“I expect him to be very aggressive. When teams are trying to play him with force, he’s got to meet force with force. The way to do that is to attack and get to the free throw line. I thought he played a very good basketball game with the exception of the five turnovers. He’s got to be better than that and he knows it.”
Stephen Curry
On his Use of the Pump Fake:
“I know they’re going to key in on the jump shot, if I have it I’m still going to take it but tonight it was just two fouls shooting threes. I was just trying to step into it, read the defense, see what happened; don’t read too much into it.”
On being able to Sell the Foul:
“No, I just think they’re being more aggressive trying to close up and I have to use that to my advantage. Sometimes I can get them off their feet, side step and still shoot the three or get into the lane and have an advantage, a four on three on the backside, or a five on four on the backside.”
On his Brother's Buzzer Beater to End the Game
“That was a fun play. It’s preseason and those guys have been working hard and seeing him be able to step into a last second shot and it didn’t faze him, just knocked it down like he was shooting in the gym. It was nice to see him get on the scoreboard, it was a nice little confidence boost.”
David Lee
On the Team's Defense:
“It was much better in the second half tonight. I thought we really started flying around, got some stops there, and when we get stops we can be really effective getting out on the break like you saw.”
On how Good this Team can be:
“Yeah, and it all starts on the defensive end. I thought we got a lot of stops, a lot of rebounds. If we do that, we can get out on the break and we have so many guys that can lead the break and wings now; with our depth we can keep shuttling guys in and keep everybody fresh. If we’re really able to sell out on both ends and keep shuttling guys in, we can be really effective.”
On the Team's Depth
“Absolutely, and part of it is just guys being healthy right now and the other part is some of the acquisitions we’ve made. I think this team has a chance to be really good, we just have to keep putting in the work and I guess tonight we didn’t start out great but we finished the way we wanted to finish.”