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During the 2007-08 season, Warrior Girls Captain Alexis blogged about her experiences with the team. From a behind-the-scenes look at the team’s swimsuit calendar shoot to an insider’s view of a youth dance clinic, Alexis gave readers a firsthand look at life as a Warriors Girl.

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2007-08 ARCHIVE

Tuesday, April 15 (11:10 a.m.)

A Memorable Season
by Alexis

The Warrior Girls made it to the third round of this year's NBA.com Dance Team Bracket. (Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty)
The 2008 NBA.com Dance Bracket was amazing this year. Because of all of our fan support, we made it to the third round and ended up making the top eight! We would all like to thank everyone who voted for us. We most definitely wouldn’t have made it without you!

We would also like to thank all of our fans for an amazing 2007-2008 season. As the season approaches its end, it’s hard not to look back on the season and smile.

Through ups and downs, the true fans at ORACLE Arena have made it one of the best environments in the NBA. I speak for all the Warrior Girls when I say how lucky we are to get to perform for you all. Thanks for an incredible year. We're looking forward to next season, and we hope you are too!

Make sure you check the Warrior Girls page this summer for upcoming Warrior Girl audition information!

Tuesday, February 19 (9:45 a.m.)

Staying Busy
by Alexis

The Warrior Girls conducted a clinic with the Bakersfield Jam in January and will hold another one in San Ramon in March. (warriors.com photo)
The season is more than half way over and the Warrior Girls are as busy as ever. A few weeks ago we traveled to Bakersfield to visit the NBDL's Bakersfield Jam and to help out with their game festivities. We participated in the game and helped give them “A Great Time Out.”

In doing so, we had fun collaborating ideas, not only with their game operations people, but also with their dance team. Together, we held a dance clinic to give little girls and boys a chance to perform at halftime with us. It was a great way for the Bakersfield Jam and the Warrior Girls to have fun and introduce new ideas to each other. It was a fun, busy weekend and altogether a successful trip.

On Sunday, March 9, the Warrior Girls will be conducting another dance clinic in San Ramon. Those who come to the clinic will get a chance to perform with us at halftime of the Warriors-Grizzlies game on March 15! For more information on how to sign up, click here.

The last few weeks of February have been especially busy. Many of us have felt tired, overworked, and some of us are even fighting/getting over the colds and the flu. However, we are working through it and the excitement at ORACLE Arena is keeping us motivated to keep dancing! The last few games have been so close and nerve-wracking. The boys sure keep our fans in their seats until the buzzer! In addition to the close endings of the past few games, the video clips of last year’s playoff experience have us all hoping the same excitement will repeat itself this year.

Check out the brand new Warrior Girls page on warriors.com by clicking here.
In case you haven't seen it yet, we have a new and improved page right here on warriors.com. The new layout includes bios, fun facts, photo galleries, our new desktop wallpaper, a behind-the-scenes look at our swimsuit calendar photo shoot and more! Check it out by clicking here.

And speaking of websites, the Warrior Girls and myself are especially excited for the annual NBA.com dance bracket that will be coming in March. Stay tuned for more information and make sure you remember to vote for your favorite dance team…THE WARRIOR GIRLS! See you at the games!

Monday, November 26 (12:45 p.m.)

Big Week Ahead
by Alexis

Although our players had a rough start to their season, the Warrior Girls and I never lost hope. Our win against the Clippers on Nov. 16 was very exciting and it seemed to give the team momentum for the recently completed road trip. And just because our players have recently been on a long journey back East, that doesn’t mean we Warrior Girls had any time off.

We spent all of Sunday at a photo shoot for our new poster and Web site photos, which will be put up in the near future. Our "Glam Squad" was there as always to get us ready, and the photographers at Pro Image in Dublin made the whole day a lot of fun!

If last year's Calendar Release Party is any indication, this Thursday's event should provide A Great Time Out! (warriors.com photo)
We’ve still been practicing hard and getting our routines prepared for this week’s busy schedule of home games. Thursday will mark our 2008 Calendar Release Party! The unveiling of the second-annual swimsuit calendar will take place prior to Thursday’s tip-off in the Club 200 Lounge and Sports Bar simultaneously. This event will be truly exciting because we actually still don’t know what shots were used for the calendar or who will be on the cover. We’ll be finding that out at the same time as you, the fans.

After the official unveiling, all members of the dance squad will be on hand in the Lounge and Sports Bar to meet with fans and sign calendars. Last year was a lot of fun so we hope to see everyone there for the special day! And by the way, this event is free to the public with admission to the game, so we’re hoping for a large turnout.

We have another fun event set for Dec. 8 with the Warrior Girls Dance Clinic. We’ll have two sessions, one for kids (ages 5-12) and another for adults (13 and older), and we’ll be teaching you our actual routines that we perform during the season. This event should be a lot of fun, so I hope to see you out there. All skill levels are welcome to sign up.

On behalf of the Warrior Girls and myself, we hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful to all of our fans for their support!

Thursday, November 1 (11:48 a.m.)

Opening Night Excitement
by Alexis

All of the entertainment aspects of Opening Night went off without a hitch. (Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty)

It was a lot of work preparing for Opening Night. This past week we’ve had extended practice hours and harder rehearsals. The night before the opening we had practice at ORACLE Arena so we could set out routines on the court in order to be fully prepared for Tuesday. As the evening approached we were nervous and anxious, but mostly excited to get the show started!

As I arrived at the arena at around 5 p.m., I could already feel the energy. We practiced on the court one last time and then returned to the locker room so our “glam squad” could do our hair and make-up. At 7:30, after the national anthem, the lights went off and we went up to the stands to get ready for the player intros. I had chills during the video and when the words "We’re Back" came onto the video screen, it finally hit me that our season had officially begun!

All of the entertainment ensembles for the night performed great! Even though we didn’t win the game, the night was still successful. The rest of the Warriors Girls and I look forward to the remainder of the season so we can continue to provide our fans with Great Time Outs!

Thursday, October 25 (10:03 a.m.)

Catching Up With the Warrior Girls
by Alexis

Hey Warriors fans, I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it. (warriors.com photo)

Hello Warriors fans. My name is Alexis and I am very excited to be part of the premiere edition of the Warriors Blog Squad. This is my second year as a Warrior Girl, and throughout the season I will do my best to provide you with updates on our dance squad, and I will be sure to include some interesting and funny tidbits along the way.

Although we made our debut when the Warriors played the Clippers on Oct. 14, we have been hard at work since summer. July 21 was the official first day of the 2007-2008 Warrior Girl Auditions. At around 7 a.m., Club Sport in San Ramon began filling up with nervous but excited women from all over the Bay Area. Women ranging in age from 18 to 40 were waiting in the gym to start the audition process.

After registration was completed, Dance Team Director Susan Hovey, followed by her choreographers and judges, entered the room and auditions began. We learned one short technical routine and another longer routine, and before we knew it the day ended with only 50 girls advancing to the semifinals.

Day 2 of auditions was even more intense. We were asked to perform the routine over and over in different groups, and each time it got harder and more exhausting. At the end of Day 2, the 25 finalists were announced and asked to participate in two official Warrior Girl practices so that Susan and the judges could make their final decision.

The competition at this year's Warrior Girls Auditions was fierce. To view more photos of the tryouts, click here. (warriors.com photo)
On Friday, July 27th, the first 14 Warrior Girls were officially announced! And I was happy to be one of them for the second-straight year.

However, it didn’t stop there. This year, the fans had the chance to participate in the selection of the final two Warrior Girls. After seeing pictures and interviews of the five finalists, fans were able to cast their vote on warriors.com. A week later, Heather and Brianna were announced as the winners of the online vote, but the voting numbers were so close that an additional member, Lynsi, was added to the squad. The official 17-member team of the Golden State Warrior Girls was announced on Friday, August 31st.

After that, Jessica, Tasia, Isela and I flew to Los Angeles to participate in a choreography convention with other NBA dance teams that included the Seattle SuperSonics and the Los Angeles Clippers. The four of us each learned two routines with the other dance teams, and we will show those off throughout the 07-08 NBA season.

It was an amazing experience to get to know the other dance teams. The women were all so nice and it was such a great opportunity to dance with other ladies in the league.

Practices started the week of August 20th. At first, it was difficult trying to mesh each dance style into one, but after only a couple weeks of practice, our team began dancing as one. Our trainer, Jon, (aka “Boot camp Bob”) worked us out before each practice and even had us chanting, “Warriors, Bootcamp … Hoo Raa!!” We’ve had long weeks of learning choreography and even held our choreography clinic with the Portland Trail Blazers.

On October 21st and 22nd, we shot our 2007-2008 swimsuit calendar. The shoot took place at a beautiful home in Los Gatos that had views of San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. Luckily the weather turned out perfect, and with the help of our photographers and hair and makeup team, our calendar will hopefully be amazing! It was fun to hang out with everyone and bond the week before Opening Night!

The setting for the Warrior Girls calendar shoot was absolutely gorgeous. (warriors.com photo)

I’ve never been on a team quite like this. Every one of us gets along and it’s a blessing to be surrounded by positive people every day! Even though our practices have been long and intense, it makes it better knowing we have the support of each other. We are all excited to begin the season and hopefully start off with the same excitement we finished up with last year!

That’s it for now, but I’ll be back with much more throughout the season.

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