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Warrior Girl Blog: Welcome To Shanghai!
Throughout the course of the year, different members of the Warrior Girls, the ultra-talented 18-member dance team of the Golden State Warriors, will blog about their experiences with the team. From international trips to community service events to practices to the games themselves, the Warrior Girls will provide fans with a unique and inside look at the dance team.

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Tuesday, April 19

Welcome To Shanghai!
by Karlee, Natalie & Casey

Several members of the Warrior Girls have traveled to Shanghai, China, to represent the Warriors and the NBA in unveiling the new partnership between the league and Chinese automaker Dongfeng Fengshen at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The Warrior Girls are representing the Warriors and the NBA at the Shanghai Auto Show. View More Photos
After a long 13-hour flight, we finally arrived in Shanghai at 5:30 p.m. Back home, it was 3 a.m., which means we were pretty much awake for nearly 24 hours! However, there was no time for sleepiness because awaiting us was our NBA tour guide, Amy. We gathered our luggage and headed straight to the car show venue to go over sound check and rehearsals before opening ceremonies the following morning.

We were all taken aback by the overall size and beauty of the venue. You could tell how much time and preparation that was going into this event. Even though we had prepared all our routines for the expo, we faced some challenges after seeing where we were performing. The Dongfeng Fengshen stage had a rotating car which we reset to base our routines around. Finally, it was time to head to the hotel. We got settled in our rooms and rested up for the exciting day we had awaiting us.

The next morning we met for a fabulous breakfast buffet complementary of our five-star hotel. At 7:15 a.m. we headed to the auto show. Upon arrival we were greeted by thousands of excited attendees. We were escorted to our VIP room where we spent time going over routines and getting settled. When it was our time to perform, we were introduced one by one in front of anxious press and fans. We rocked our performance and the crowd seemed to love it!

After we made a quick costume change, we were escorted to uniquely designed NBA vehicle where we posed for pictures. The rest of our day consisted of performing and crowd interaction along with a special guest Ė former NBA superstar Gary Payton. Canít wait for the days to come. Check in with you later Warriors Fans!









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