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Golden Season: 1/12/11 - Lakers 115 - Warriors 110 | Guest: Ken L.
One team. Two season tickets. 43 games, 43 different people. Written by Nam Nguyen, Golden Season is a
personal journey of discovery, declaration and reconnecting through life and basketball. Read more about
Nam and his first year as a Warriors Season Ticket Holder by clicking here.

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Wednesday, January 12 (11:52 p.m.)

Lakers 115 - Warriors 110
Writer: Nam Nguyen
Guest: Ken L.

(photo: Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty)
The anticipation of the energy of the crowd was something both Ken and I were looking forward to.

Even though we were projected to lose, itís these match ups that are significant for us during the course of a regular season. Because no matter what the record is for each squad, weíre playing for pride. We, the fans know that, and the players know that we know that.

Iíve had high hopes for this game the moment my season tickets came in the mail.

Coming out of the half our boys battled back as all the Laker fans around us began to see that this game was not a locked victory.

Ellis was having a HUGE game going toe-to-toe with Kobe. You begin to smell the fear of Laker fans every time Ellis he had possession of the ball.

For being a player that strikes that kind of fear into the hearts and minds of opposing fans, Monta gets overlooked a ton.

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