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Warriors PR Blog: Tweedia Day - A Look Back
The Warriors experienced Public Relations staff is highly regarded throughout the NBA and in professional sports. Throughout the season, Warriors PR will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the team. From practice to the locker room to cross-country road trips, Warriors PR will provide the kind of coverage that can't be found in other media outlets.

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Friday, October 1 (9:17 a.m.)

Tweedia Day: A Look Back

Social Media. Social Networking. It’s everywhere. They’re even making movies about it now.

The Golden State Warriors have been active in Social Media for several years, engaging our fans year-round over several platforms. Beginning this past summer, however, with the unveiling of our new logo and branding elements in the Warriors Draft Challenge, we’ve stepped up our Social Media efforts like never before. And our fans are responding.

From a PR/Media Relations perspective, we see first-hand that the lines between “traditional media” and “new media” continue to blur on a daily basis. In fact, there may not be much of a line left at all. Social Media Journalists are becoming more-and-more mainstream and traditional journalists are turning to Social Media (blogs, twitter accounts, etc.) to get their news out much quicker and to many more people than ever before. Watch CNN for any length of time and see how often they refer to their own social network tools, read comments or show videos from everyday people live on their air.

As the lines between Social Media and Traditional Media continues to blur, we recognized that it’s no longer just about sharing what the Warriors are up to via our Social Media outlets. Rather, it’s about including Social Media members and outlets in the process; providing access to these “new” media members that they’ve never had before.

In this vein, the Warriors expanded our traditional Media Day festivities this year to include a corps of Social Media Journalists for the first time. We accepted applications on warriors.com, in which anyone participating in Social Media could apply to be a part of the first-ever Tweedia Day and cover the event alongside traditional journalists. Whether they ran a website, wrote a blog, hosted a podcast, made on-line videos, or were simply active on Social Networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc, all Social Media Journalists were welcome to apply. Applicants were also asked to describe, in 140-characters or less, why they should be chosen to participate in Tweedia Day.

After filling out the online 'Tweedia Day' application, 10 social media journalists were invited to attend the Warriors annual Media Day at team headquarters.

In just over one week, more than 150 Social Media Journalists applied to be a part of Tweedia Day. We reviewed every applicant and eventually narrowed our list down to 10 applicants that we wanted to invite to cover Warriors Media Day on their platform(s) of choice. To our delight, all 10 of our choices, were available to attend the event mid-day on a Monday and our roster of Tweedia Day participants was complete.

They covered a wide spectrum of Social Media voices and viewpoints:

  • Several established Warrior-centric websites that are familiar names to many of the team’s fans that are active in Social Media.
  • A couple newer Warrior-centric and/or Bay Area Sports related blogs.
  • A pair of bloggers that have a high interest in the interplay between sports and Social Media.
  • A hyper-local website that focuses on what’s happening in North Oakland & Berkeley.
  • A professional photographer that maintains a well-run photo blog.
  • A local filmmaker that has made a name for himself by producing content for YouTube.

All 10 were also selected because they were extremely active participants in Social Media and as a collective they had the ability to reach relatively large and new groups of people. Most importantly, however, they were selected for their potential to produce high quality content from the unprecedented access that they were going to be allowed. We realized that Tweedia Day could only be considered a success if the Social Media Journalists that took part were able to produce and share high quality content on the backend.

All of the Tweedia Day Journalists were given unfettered access to the Media Day festivities, including access to the team’s early morning press conference to announce Keith Smart as the Warriors new head coach. They were allowed to be part of group interviews with all of the team’s players alongside traditional media members, and also had the opportunity to interview the players one-on-one or with only other Tweedia Day participants present.

Throughout the day, the Tweedia Day journalists were filling their Twitter feeds with updates, anecdotes and twitpics under the hashtag #TweediaDay (as you can see on the right) .They got to know each other and they got to know the traditional journalists that they had been following for years. They got to know the Golden State Warriors and they got to know what it was like to have complete access to an event that had previously been off limits to the general public.

And, most importantly, in the wake of Tweedia Day, they have produced and shared some great original content. We invite you to see their work below, and urge you to continue to follow the exploits of these Social Media Journalists. After all, it’s because of their work that the first-ever Warriors Tweedia Day was a resounding success.


The colorful sights of Media Day are captured in this great photo blog. Coverage by Kira.

The Bay Area Sports Report sees Tweedia Day as part of new beginning and also captures Lou Amundson’s best Napoleon Dynamite imitation. Coverage by Steve.

Sportology, a site that focuses on the intersection of sports and the internet, writes that Tweedia Day showed the Warriors Social Media efforts being ahead of the curve. Coverage by Jonathan.

Fear The Beard caught up with several players, with the interviews ranging from serious to seriously funny. Coverage by Daniel.

Warriors World, a Warriors fan site that is part of the ESPN True Hoop Network, asked its readers what questions they wanted asked at Media Day and then became an interviewing machine during the event. Coverage by Rasheed.

Golden State of Mind writes about Warriors Media Day from a bloggers perspective and compiles a list of Media Day related links. Coverage by Rich.

Like many Tweedia Day participants, this blogger wrote about being selected before the event and then he posted a slew of photos on his Flickr account following the event. Coverage by Bear.

Warriors Court begins its post-event coverage with 10 observations from Media Day. Coverage by Josh.

Shaun Tai Films shot more than three hours of Media Day footage and put together this slick compilation. Coverage by Shaun.











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