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Joe Lacob Responds To First Set Of Fan Questions - 2/10/11

Fans are encouraged to send questions to OwnersBox@gs-warriors.com. All questions will be read and we will answer as many as we can, so check back for updates throughout the season.

Thursday, February 10 (5:19 p.m.)

Joe Lacob Responds To First Set Of Fan Questions

Hi Guys -

I share season tickets, and often take my 5 year old daughter to the game. Our seats are 4 rows back from the court in section 119.

At one game, my daughter started feeling sick, and I knew she wouldn't make it for the whole game. So at halftime, we went up the escalator and up the stairs to the very top row at Oracle. I scanned for two people sitting together, and walked up to them and offered them our tickets for the second half.

I've been in the nose-bleeds before, and it just seemed like a cool thing to do. Sucks she was sick, but it started a cool tradition, and we've done it a couple more times.

How cool would it be if, once or twice a year, you guys did the same thing and let some good fans from the upper bowl have a taste of courtside Warriors basketball???

They'd have a blast, maybe get a prize pack or something too. And you guys would have a chance to sit for a couple quarters with some "regular Joe" (as opposed to you, Joe) fans and spread a good vibe.

Anyway, glad to have you guys around and I can't wait to see what you do over the next couple of years.

Ben Schott

Thanks, Ben, for the e-mail. I really like your idea and, in fact, this is something that the Warriors have done on occasion in the past and continue to do this season. For most games, we have a fan seat upgrade of the game. I think this is a great chance to give fans who might not otherwise have this opportunity an entirely new perspective of the game in really good seats. And, credit to you for sharing your seats when you left the arena with your daughter on the night she became sick. I would say that was a very nice gesture. Im proud that you are a Warriors fan.


Dear Joe and Peter,

I watch every game and attend about 10 a year, I appreciate your candor, and details in which you have taken this team and share your vision for the future. I have been a fan for 25 years.

My question is: In rebuilding the team to playoff caliber do you subscribes to the Thunder model (draft picks etc) or more of a free agent model like the Heat or Magic? So far the past 10+ years of a mix hasn't worked .....

Secondly - I think we could have used C.J. Watson and Ronny Turiaf, both we let go. Is there a plan to solidify the backcourt and acquire an able body rebounder this year!

Thank you and you have all my support in all your efforts,

Paul Rosenberry

Thanks for the e-mail, Paul. We are interested in building the best possible team as quickly as we can. And, sustain it. With that said, I am not certain there is a right or wrong way to go about it. The Thunder capitalized on two or three top-5 draft picks in a row, while the Celtics traded draft picks and young players for more established veterans. Both teams have been very successful with a different plan. I think you need to be opportunistic via trades, free agency and the draft and do what is best for your team at that particular time.

In regards to part two of your question, improving our depth will be one of our primary focuses moving forward. We need to continue to add talent to our roster. Were looking to do that each and every day.


First, THANK YOU for being out front, accessible and ambitious. Beyond the shared goal of the playoffs and a championship, I want to know more specifics about your thinking about this team and getting the W's to the next level.

Do you agree with the following team needs and the rank of importance? If not, please tell us what the priorities are.
    1) Dominant low post player.

    2) Big defensive guard who can also run the team to rotate into the back court.

    3) Fortify the bench with
    ..........a) More Size
    ..........b) Scoring
    ..........c) Defensive stoppers
Please don't say "all the above" and all equally important.

Finally, did I hear you say via several interviews that an incentive to a perspective player might be an opportunity in Hollywood for the player or wife via Peter? That would be something few others could promise.

Rohnert Park

Thanks for the e-mail, Mike. We understand that we need to get better as a basketball team in more than one area or position. There is no question or debate about that subject. However, as Ive noted before, it would be impossible to rank each of their importance, because in this business, you never know what opportunities are going to be presented at any given time and how one move might actually help you address several areas. We do need to upgrade our lost-post scoring and defense (two big concerns of mine) and some of the other areas that you noted, but one specific move could help improve two or three of those areas. I dont think it would be wise to focus on one area if we can improve in another area in the interim. We are working to upgrade in all of those categories. Weve identified our weaknesses; now we need to improve them, but in no particular order.

In regards to part two of your questions, connections and relationships are very important in this business. Peter certainly has a unique list of friends and business acquaintances in Hollywood. Peter could certainly help open up potential doors in that regard. I do have to mention, however, that I recently learned that we are prohibited by NBA rules from specifically offering special assistance to a prospective player or his wife or girlfriend. Apparently, this type of compensation would give us an unfair advantage. We will always abide by the rules as written.




Congrats on taking over the Warriors! As a long time fan I share the confidence virtually everybody has in the Bay Area that your new ownership will change the culture and bring success to Golden State. Your willingness to open this e-mail space is a strong indication of your commitment to the team and the GSW fans.

Two points:

1.) Dorell Wright could be a 6th man of the year type player if he comes off the bench when either Monta, Steph or the new 3 rests. The new 3 prototype is Gerald Wallace and he is available. I know you can't discuss individual players on other teams, but you can address the concept of a rebounding, all-NBA defensive player who can score but doesn't need to be the team's lead option on offense. Our starting backcourt logs too many minutes, but the deep bench problem goes away to a considerable extent if Dorell takes most of Monta's rest minutes at the 2 and takes Steph's rest minutes while Monta shifts to point during those minutes. And Dorell can sub in for the new starting 3. Dividing the available 1, 2 and 3 minutes between four excellent players--not just three starters and a couple of bench types--would really make the difference. One player move and several problems resolved. Why not?

2.) Biedrins can't be easily supplanted through trades without screwing up the $ and efforts to improve at the 3... maybe the draft is the best way to improve at the 5 if Biedrins can be resuscitated. How to bring AB back? Obviously, one main part of making him play more aggressive is to give him confidence at the free throw line. Seems like nobody has been able to make that happen. I'd like to know what has been tried or is now being tried. To an observer, it looks obvious that he has a couple of simple mechanical flaws. What is so tough about making him shoot with an arc at the foul line? In practice, set up a portable plexiglass backboard half way between the free throw line and the regular backboard, Set the top of the portable plexiglass at 11' or 11' 6" or whatever and tell Andris to shoot over the plexiglass to hit the rim. (You could also use a pole vault standard with a bar across the flight path of the free throw shot.) It just seems so obvious--has anything like this been tried? Then there is AB's Shaq-like finger motion where he flings the ball forward instead of rolling it back off his hand. And he uses no legs, all arms... three simple changes that never appear to be addressed in AB's free throw form.

Thanks for reading this and good luck...see you at the Arena!

RC Gustafson
Sebastopol, CA

Ps -- Thanks for the KNBR interview with Radnich. I listened to all four parts and e-mailed the link to others who might be interested.

Thanks for the e-mail, RC. In regards to your first question, I am elated that Dorell Wright signed with the Warriors last summer. He has been an outstanding addition to our team and is having a wonderful season. Hes a candidate for the Most Improved Player Award, if you ask me. In regards to him becoming a Sixth Man, I understand the angle of your question, but Id rather let Keith Smart determine who will start and who will come off the bench. I completely agree with your basic thought process, because we do need a stronger bench and need to have the ability to give our big-minute players some rest. We will continue to work towards accomplishing that goal and strengthening our bench.

As for Andris Biedrins, he has played better recently. I believe he had double figures in rebounds in three straight games in the last week. With that said, I understand your concern and realize we need more production at that position. Hopefully, Andris can return to the form he showed a couple of years ago, when, I believe, he averaged a double-double. Remember, hes only 24 years old.

As is typically the case when someone is struggling in one area (such as free throw shooting), I am sure Andris is getting a ton of advice from several different angles. That is not always the best thing. Prior to this season, we hired Mark Price as our shooting coach and Mark has worked quite a bit with Andris since the start of training camp (including working on his arch with various methods, as you suggested). Mark is the best free throw shooter (percentage-wise) in the history of the league. His presence can help. But, Andris needs to continue to improve and it is his responsibility to shoot a respectable percentage from the line. We need him to improve.




From time to time, security is heightened as we enter the Arena. However, the staffing and the facility does not change. Therefore, instead of it taking a couple of minutes to enter the arena all of a sudden it can take 20 minutes to get through the entry.

As an example, before the Hornets game on Jan. 26, the line to enter the North entrance was halfway down the stairs and it took nearly 20 minutes to enter the arena. Fortunately, I was there early enough to barely make the tip off; but obviously, many did not since it seemed that less than half of the seats were occupied when the game began. This experience happens every time the arena requires the fans to go through the detectors.

The bottom line is that if you (security) require the fans to go through the security system, which seems to happen randomly, the staffing and the system should be expanded so that the fans can enter more expeditiously and not miss a portion of the game, let alone the pregame opening program.

Secondly, how about limiting or eliminating the sound system during play. I had the impression that the reveling, raised system was not supposed to happen during play.

Thanks so much for providing an address to communicate with management.

Bill Nothman

Thanks for the e-mail, Bill. We appreciate your support.

Per league rules, all NBA arenas are subject to the use of metal detectors on occasion throughout the season. This is done to help ensure the safety of all of our fans. I will never compromise the safety of our customers and I think you can appreciate that position. I realize that this may cause some inconvenience as you suggested - on selected nights and I will look into the situation a little more closely and see if it is possible to expedite the lines on those nights. It may be a case such as at the airport where people can only move so fast in an area with limited space. With that said, we will do our best to optimize both safety and swiftness as we move forward.



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