Predicting the 2012 NBA Draft

Friday, June 8 (9:41 a.m.)
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When it comes to the NBA Draft, there is no shortage of opinions. There is a limitless supply of Mock Drafts on the Web, and each expert (term used loosely) claims to be reliable. When trying to figure out who the Warriors will select, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with options. In fact, our collection of mock drafts currently has eight potential prospects for the seventh pick, and at least seven of them will wind up being selected by a team other than the Warriors (barring a trade).

There’s no question that posing a mock draft is a pure guessing game. Other than Anthony Davis going to the New Orleans Hornets with the first pick, there is pretty much little to no certainty in regards to who is going where in this year’s draft. That’s where radio broadcaster Tim Roye comes in. While he’s not in possession of a crystal ball that dictates the fate of each draft selection, he is reaching out to media members around the league to see who their team might select. Who else would have a more informed opinion than the people who cover the team day in and day out, right? With that said, Roye presents his own version of a mock draft.

Over the next few weeks, Roye will reveal each of the 14 lottery selections, one pick at a time. The first four picks have already been made, and selections will be announced daily. Check out Tim Roye’s Mock Draft by clicking here and access more draft talk with the Jerry West interview below: