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Warriors Center

Throughout the 2007-08 season, Andris Biedrins provided fans with a true insider's prospective of the club. From the locker room to the hardwood to his life off the court, the Latvia native shared the details of what it's like to be an NBA player.

Monday, April 21 (5:10 p.m.)

Final Blog Entry Of The Season

Biedrins led the NBA in field goal percentage this season, shooting 62.6% from the floor. (Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images)
Hey everyone, it is time for my final blog of the season. Unfortunately it is coming a lot sooner than I had hoped.

It was a weird season. We didnít make the playoffs, but, I think, we did pretty good. I mean we got 48 wins and thatís a pretty good score at the end of the season. Unfortunately we didnít make the playoffs, but otherwise it was good. We are stepping up because last year we had 42 and now we have 48. So it will be good for next season too, to build up on this.

I feel good about my season personally. Especially the last few weeks, I was feeling better and playing really well. I am happy that I finished the season strong and had a lot of success late in the season personally. The surgery kind of kicked me out for like a month or month and a half, because when I came back I needed like another couple weeks just to get back in shape. But I was really happy with my performance the last few weeks after I got healthy again.

I wish we were still playing, but now I have some time to relax. The first couple months I will go home to Latvia, see my family and friends and just relax. Also, I will go around Europe a bitÖI already have it set up to go to Spain and I will also maybe go to Monte Carlo. I just want to go somewhere that there is nice hot weather and near the sea or water. It will be nice to be relaxing, to get away from everyone and just enjoy the time.

And then, in the middle of the summer, my National Team needs to qualify for next yearís European Championship. Weíll seeÖI still have not made my decision if I am going to play with them this summer. I just want to relax from basketball right now and then I will think about it in mid-summer.

Andris will take some time to decide whether or not to play with the Latvian national team this summer.
The team training starts in early July and the Tournament is in September. I played with them last summerÖit is kind of hard to practice all summer and then come back here and already training camp is starting before an 82 game season, at least. I will make my decision in June. Weíll see if I am rested and relaxed and hungry for basketball then I will play.

A lot of people have been talking to me towards the end of the season about my thoughts of being a free agent this summer. I know my agent is going to work on those things for me this summer so I am not really too concerned about it. I really like it here in Golden State, having been here already four years. I really have everything set-up here, not only basketball things but, you know, life. I love the area and the city and everything, so I would like to stay here for as long as I can.

I only have a couple more days left here in the Bay Area before I head back home to Latvia. Tonight I am going to see Jay-Z at ORACLE Arena with some teammates and friends and tomorrow I will pack my things to head home.

Thanks a lot to everyone for reading my blog this season and for always supporting our team and me personally. Have a great summer everyone!

Monday, March 10 (9:15 a.m.)

Back in Action

Andris has started each of the last two games after sitting out six contests due to surgery. (Fernando Medina/NBAE/Getty Images)
It feels so happy to be back playing after having my surgery.

That morning, the game day against Boston, I ate breakfast and then after a little bit my stomach started to hurt. So I thought that maybe I ate something bad, you know. But it was bugging me all dayÖ I was taking some pills, some medicine or whatever against the stomachache and it didnít work out because it was hurting like all day long. Then at the game, when I was playing, you know running around it was cool. But then when I would sit down and during timeouts it would start to hurt.

So anyway, after the game I went home and it got even worse. I didnít sleep all night and the next morning I came to see Tom (athletic trainer Tom Abdenour), and when I told him I didnít feel very well he sent me to the doctor. The doctor said that right away I needed to have surgery the same day in the next couple hours. So I was kind of shocked, you know, because I thought it was food poison or whatever Ö something I ate bad. But he said in the next couple hours youíll have surgery.

I was a little bit scared because I never had surgery in my life so I didnít know what to do and what to expect, so I was kind of a little scared. I donít like the hospitals and all those things, but it happened so quick so I didnít have any time to realize whatís going on, because in the next couple hours I had the surgery. I stayed just the one night at the hospital because I told the doctor I want to go home. I was feeling OK, but you know, I really didnít like the hospital in general. The bed they had for me there was OK, for one night it was good. But I told the doctor please let me go home and sleep in my own bed and relax.

For the first few days there wasnít much I could do. I was really tired and basically sleeping all of the next three days. I didnít have energy and was really tired because of the anesthesia and everything. So I didnít do much. I was watching games on TV. It was weird because I donít remember the last time I was watching the Warriors on a TV. It was kind of cool to watch from one point, you know, you get to see everything how it looks on TV and listen to what they are saying. Usually I just read Fitz's blog, but now I was able to actually hear him call the game. It was kind of cool. I donít know if I have ever seen a Warriors game on TV before this.

After one week, I went to see the doctor and he said everything is cool. Here is the kind of things you can do and what you canít do. So then we started to do a little light cardio work on a bike and more stretching the first couple days and then just pick it up every day since. I have played the last two games and it feels good. I have a lot of energy, but the only thing is I donít have all the legs, you know, the legs are not there because I didnít play for those two weeks. Thatís the only thing, but otherwise I feel good. Nothing is bothering me with the stomach and everything else, so it was good. I am satisfied with how I played these two games.

Every bad thing has a good side too. It was good to rest too because I have played so much basketball in the last year. It was great timing because it was just the All-Star Break, and then we played two games and then I had that surgery. So it was really like two and a half, three weeks rest because of the All-Star Break, so now I am good and rested.

During the All-Star Break I went to Las Vegas. I went to a couple shows. I went to a magic show by Lance Burton. It was cool. I like magic. It was pretty fun because some tricks you could figure out what he was doing there, but some of them were just crazy. I had never been to a really good show, but this was amazing. And then I went to the animal show. This guy, Gregory Popovich, he has his own show where he teaches cats to do crazy stuff. I had a cat when I was back home and I love cats, so the show was really cool. The cats were standing on two legs pushing carts and walking on the tall stilts, it was crazy stuff. It was ridiculous. He has 16 cats on the stage and every cat he had taught something. It was funny.

Andris met up with one of his old pals during the team's trip to Miami last week. (warriors.com photo)
It was great on this last trip because I got to see my friend Z (Zarko Cabarkapa) in Miami. He was in town to watch our game. It was really great because I have not seen him since last summer right after the season. He has been in Serbia making sure that his back is healed. I keep in touch with him all the time on the phone and texting, but it was great to see him. I have a really good relationship with him and a great relationship with his parents. It was great having him around early in my career. When I didnít play so much those first two years, he helped me stay positive all the time, so that was good.

Right now, I feel pretty good and the team feels pretty good. The team is getting more and more confident, and especially now that there is only like 20 games left. It will be pretty tough because the West Coast everyone is playing really good and it will be really hard, but I think that everyone feels really great about themselves and that is why we are winning. It is so much fun on the road. I donít remember last year or those first two years having any fun at all because we were losing all the time. Now we just play really well on the road and I think that is a big reason why we have such a good record. At home we are playing more or less the same as last year, but all the success weíve had on the road is big for us.

Even though we have played good on the road, I am so glad to be home. The first three games of this trip there was no crowd at the game at all. I paid attention to that at the games, and itís just ridiculous. Other teams, when they donít do good, the fans are just not coming. It is no fun at all to play in those gyms. They donít have any advantage almost because there is just a couple thousand people and they donít come to support the team Ė they just come to see the other team or a star. It makes you appreciate how good fans we have. And even, I remember, my first two years when we didnít do so good, we still had a really good crowd and even if did not sellout every game like now, there was a still a lot of people.

Our fans are the best. I would not like to play in some of those gyms where there are no fans. Itís just no fun at allÖitís so quiet itís just like a scrimmage game. We have such an advantage at home, for sure. Especially last year, at the end and in the playoffs, it was just ridiculous what kind of support we got from the crowd. It is now happening again. We feel it and itís always great to play at home. The playoffs are coming and everyone is getting so excited. Our crowd deserves it because they have been waiting for so many years and last year we gave them a little bit. It was a lot of fun, Iím looking forward to it again!

Monday, December 24 (12:30 p.m.)

What a Difference a Month Makes

Andris averaged 10.8 points and 10.0 rebounds during the Warriors' recent five-game road trip. (Joe Murphy/Getty)
Hey everyone, I know it has been long time since my last blog, but we have been so busy I have not had chance to do one.

Last time I did a blog we were 0-6 to start the season, but I told you we were just about to start winning some games. The biggest thing is when Jack came back, I think he turned around everything. Heís been big reason why weíre winning all these games and I think we missed him a lot in first six games. His leadership and talking and toughness, itís a lot of things heís bringing to our team. Now heís back and everything is working out pretty well. Jack just brings that to our team. Heís always ready every game and everybody sees how hard he is playing so it makes other guys want to play the same level he does.

Itís been great. This is our second pretty good road trip and it makes it so much easier the road trip when you are winning and having a lot of fun. Because I remember how it was last year or two years ago. It was different. You went on the road for eight or ten days and you were not winning itís not fun at all. Now itís just great. The atmosphere after the win and everything, it makes it go by faster. We have been away for almost 10 days and it felt like it wasnít so long because we had a great success in a couple games. It makes it much more easier.

We didnít have the opportunity to have this success on the road last season because the trade only happened middle of the season and everybody was really waiting for when we could start from first game. To build on what we had last year itís been really great and now we can play all season long the same way as we did at the end of last season.

Right now we are on a LONG flight home from Cleveland to Bay Area and we have to stop in middle to get more gas. On these long flights, me and BD we watch Family Guy. Patrick OíBryant has the little split that he always gives us so we can both plug in and watch together, but he always falls asleep and I just plug him off. I mean come onÖif you are watching it watch it. I have no idea how many we are going to watch tonight itís such a long flight. I think we have enough DVDs, but weíll see. Maybe I will change and play a little of my PSP or watch some other movie. Right now on PSP I have Texas Poker. I like poker so I play it a lot.

We got some snow at the beginning of this trip. I miss the snow a little bit because you know I was living 18 years like that. I kind of miss the snow. I love California, nothing against it, but it is nice now when we have this opportunity to go to East Coast in the winter time and see snow and enjoy for a couple days. Now I donít like it all the time, but for a week to go for the cold weather itís nice.

During plane rides, the players often unwind by watching DVDs. (warriors.com photo)
We spent couple days in New York. I like New York but it would be hard for me to live there. I like there when we go a couple days, itís nice to walk around and go shopping. Me and MP and Marco we went and shop around when we had those two days after practice. But to live there I donít know. To go there for a couple days to shop or have fun or whatever you want to do itís nice.

Christmas is coming up but I donít really have any plans. My parents were here for three weeks but they have gone. While they were here we went to the San Jose Sharks game and after we went to the dinner with Sandis Ozolinsh. It was really fun. They were here two years ago, but this time I showed them around The City, did a little Christmas shopping and that kind of stuff. They had great fun while here. The best part I think was that they were at the game and could see me play because before two years ago I didnít play really and now they had the opportunity to see me play. Mostly they have only see me play on the TV back home. That is what I was most happy about that they could see me play. The other thing was that after a couple games when they were there at the games, some people already started recognizing that they were my parents. My dad and mom said that sometimes people just came to them and shake their hands and said ďAndris did a good jobĒ so that really made my dad and mom feel special. I was really happy about it.

While my parents were here, Sandis also came to our game against Lakers. He has some Latvian friends who came to visit him, so they all came to see me play. He had never been to NBA game before and he was excited because we had that really good game and it came down to last seconds. It was exciting. After we all went to dinner in San Francisco.

OK, that is it for now. Hopefully it wonít be so long before my next blog. Thanks for reading and for all your support at the games. Hopefully we will get home soon!

Sunday, November 11 (6:57 p.m.)

Enjoying Five Days Off

Andris spent the weekend meeting fellow Latvian Sandis Ozolinsh of the San Jose Sharks. (Don Smith/Getty)
Everyone on the team is really hungry right now.

We just havenít had a really great start to the season, but weíre looking forward to start winning some games. Itís just been difficult these first couple games, but weíll be fine. This is just the first two weeks and there is still 77 games so weíre looking forward to when Jack comes back and I think weíll be fine.

This past week I went to two hockey games. I really like to go watch some hockey and now that there is a Latvian guy Sandis Ozolinsh playing for the Sharks, it is just more fun to go there. When I have free time and we donít have games or are on the roadtrips, then I am trying to go to the hockey game.

Now I am a big Sharks fan. Last year I was a Sharks fan too, but now, for me, itís more interesting to watch when someone from your country is playing there and itís really fun to watch him.

On Wednesday I went to the Sharks game against Dallas, and after the game I went to meet Sandis. I didnít know him personally before so that was cool. After the game we went for dinner and talked about a lot of things, it was a lot of fun. We just talked about how it was when he came here, how heís doing, where heís living, what heís doing in the summer, those kind of things. He told me when he first came here, there was another guy, when they were playing in like 1992 or 93, there was another Latvian here, the goalie (Arturs Irbe). He was telling me how they were here together and it was cool for them. Sandis is a really great guy and Iím just happy heís playing now here and Iíll be able to watch him play more.

On Saturday night I went to the game against Phoenix and my seats were right down on the glass. It is so cool down there. First of all, its different when you watch on TV and then you go to hockey gamesÖItís different. But then you sit in the first row, itís different again because all this action was going on and itís crazy. Especially because we were sitting right behind the goal on one end. All the time they are banging the glass and the puck is flying sometimes right at you. The first time we tried to duck cause I never had the chance to sit there before and it looked like it was coming right at me. And then the guys banging each other into the walls, itís exciting.

Iím sure that is how people feel when they come to our games and sit close. Itís just so different. The first game I went to this week I sat in the 15th or 16th row and it was cool, you know, you can see everything and it was fun for me too. But you sit in the first row you canít compareÖitís just a totally different game down there.

My guy Sandis scored a goal in the last game I went to. I was really happy for him. That was his first goal of the season and it was really great to watch him. The other game we went to before he scored too, but the goal was taken away from him because his teammate somehow tripped over the goalie and they didnít count that goal. But it was exciting when you know someone from your country and he did good, he scored a goal it was cool, it was a really great feeling.

Also, I saw the guy (Jeremy Roenick) score his 500th goal. First of all I couldnít tell why he was cheering so much because they werenít showing it on the big screen and he was like going crazy. I knew something was going on but didnít know what. Then they were showing it on the big screen that it was his 500th goal and that was really cool. That goal was crazy, did you see that goal? Oh my god. I think that was the strangest goal for 500 ever. I mean, everybody will remember this goal. It was so funny that the 500th goal was like that, bouncing off the wall and then came back. It was crazy man.

Afterwards I heard a little of his speech to the crowd but couldnít understand everything. He was all emotional and it looked like he was really trying to hold in because you could see the tears in eyes. I think he was really glad and happy with what he did and about the fans and everybody.

After the game I went to the locker room again to say hello to Sandis.

Itís weird that we have five days right now between games. We had Friday off, so I went to The City with my friends and we just walked around and had dinner in the city and really enjoyed the day because it was really beautiful weather outside. But now, in these days, I just try to relax and get more rest. Because we never have five days, we have to use this to our advantage because after this weíll always have in two or three days a game. So this is a really great time for relaxing.

Thursday, November 1 (1:34 p.m.)

Earthquakes & Halloween

Andris was a big fan of Tuesday nightís player introductions, as well as the enthusiasm of the crowd. (Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty)

Hey fans, thanks for reading. This is my first real blog and Iím happy to share my thoughts with everybody.

Tuesday nightís game was really hard. We lost really badly. We lost everything. We lost the loose balls, we lost the boardsÖthey were just better than us. For me, it was a tough night. Carlos Boozer is a really great player. We had a lot of problems with him and that is one of the main reasons why they won. It isnít just one manís defense to stop him, itís more like a team effort because he is really great Ė he can score from outside, heís strong inside and rebounding, so we just couldnít handle him on Tuesday. We are just looking forward to the next game and trying to start winning some games.

I thought that the stuff before the game was kind of cool. I really liked how the other players were coming down to the court from the stands, that was pretty cool actually. And then, us starters being on the liftÖthat was so funny. At first, I talked to BD and thought it would be cool if I could get in and drive the machine that was lifting us up, but they didnít allow me to do that, so, I had to just stand up there with everyone else. The energy from the crowd was there. Everyone was just so thirsty because of the last year, you know, everybody came and we had so big support like we always have. We were just disappointed a little bit for the fans because we lost, but, we are looking forward to next game.

So I guess there was an earthquake on Tuesday night while I was shooting my free throws. I mean, come on. You know Iíve been working on my free throws all summer. I think I made them by myself. I think maybe on the first one it was kind of shaky, but still went in, so maybe the earthquake helped me a LITTLE bit.

I have actually never felt one earthquake in my life, so I donít know what kind of feeling that is. I remember some reporter asked me after the game of the earthquake and I didnít feel that, so I donít know what the feeling is because I never had oneÖI never felt one before. Iím not sure what the whole thing is with earthquakes, so I donít have any fear for it, Iím cool. I have one idea of what you are to do during an earthquake. You have to go between, like where you would go in where the door is, and hold there. Donít stand in an empty room or whatever because the roof might collapse, so just stand somewhere in the doorsÖsomething like that. I saw it in a movie. I have no idea which one. Thatís all I know.

Halloween isn't celebrated in Latvia, but they do have other fun holidays. (Don Smith/NBAE/Getty)

HalloweenÖI donít know about Halloween. Itís funny for me because we donít have that back home. Itís not that we donít have it. Some people do, but itís not so big deal. But itís funny here because almost every single person gets dressed up in some costume. So itís pretty funny because you just ride in the street and look at all those people wearing like weird costumes. Itís cool. Itís a lot of fun and you can get a good laugh of it. I never had chance to dress up, but if I had a chance I would just dress like a Warrior player. With my uniform, Biedrins 15, you knowÖlike a big Warriors fan. I know about Trick-or-Treat, but I have security in my building so they donít let them up.

In Latvia we donít really have anything like it. Iím trying to think. The First of April is like a funny day, so people do like some funny stuffÖlike April Fools Day. Something like that. But not like Halloween.

We have some holidays back home that they donít have here. In Latvia, we celebrate our birthdays like here, but we also celebrate our Name Days. Every person, their name has, somewhere in 365-day calendar, one day. I mean, itís the one day you always have. For example, I have name day on 30th of November. That is Andris. Then all of the people named Andris in Latvia are celebrating. Itís not as big as the birthday party, but itís still a celebration. On that day, your name was kind of born, or whatever. So itís kind of cool. Obviously, there are more than 365 names, so there is one day that also celebrates all those people whose names arenít on the calendar. You know, Danny, Hector, Marlon, something like thatÖI have no idea what day it is, but there is a day.

According to Andris, Patrick O'Bryant and Mickael Pietrus had the right idea about Halloween costumes when they went trick-or-treating last year. (warriors.com photo)
In summer, we celebrate, we have one big summer fest, called Jani (prounced yawn-ee) Day. Itís like a national manís name day. You know like some people have names like Joe, or AndrisÖJani is the name for A LOT of other men in Latvia so itís a big, big celebration. You have to celebrate all night and stay up until the sun rises. That is in June. Itís a celebration for everyone that has the name Jani, but itís also a celebration for everybody. Itís a pretty cool thing. You just, like, eat cheese, drink beer and you have to stay until sun rises. You make big fireworks and you have to jump over it, itís pretty cool.


So you might have heard that I did not get my contract extension done before the deadline. Like I said, to me, itís no big deal. My time will come. I just donít want that money part and the business part to get in my mind too much that it starts to bother my playing on the court. Iíve never thought about it so much. Thatís my agentís job. I always trust my agent and heís always doing all those things for me. I just told him when I need something I will call him and ask him about it, but I donít want to put that business in the first place and then basketball.

We have a lot of players on our team who have their own contract stuff, but everyone has done a good job of keeping basketball first. Any other way is not the right way. Everybody will have their own time and it will come, we just have to wait for the right time.

Weíve got a tough roadtrip coming up. It will be hard in L.A. because it is the Clippers season opening game, and then we have back-to-back in Utah. Utah, like we saw, they are really strong team and weíre playing in their house. So we need to try and win the first game and then do our best to try and win in Utah. It will be a tough one, but I think we will start to win some games soon.

We will get to L.A. later this afternoon, so I will probably meet some friends from down there for dinner. We have to get ready for the game, so we canít do much else. We usually get to L.A. early, so at least we always have a chance to get to dinner for 3 or 4 hours.

OK, it's time to head to the airport. I will be back with another blog soon.

Thursday, October 25 (10:34 a.m.)

My First Blog Entry

Hey everyone, this is Andris. Iím going to be doing a blog for you here on the Warriors website this year.

Throughout the season, I will be writing to you and also doing some video blogs to let you know what is going on with our team and what I am up to off the court. It should be fun.

Iím just about to head for the plane for our last preseason game in Los Angeles against the Clippers. I canít wait to get the regular season started. Iíll post my first real entry here after Opening Night. Thanks for reading!

If you want to see a video of me and some of the other international players playing horseshoes in Hawaii, watch this video.











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