Barnes and Ezeli Join Jawbone to Launch “UP for a Healthier Generation” Program

On Tuesday, May 20 Warriors forward Harrison Barnes and center Festus Ezeli teamed up with Warriors Gold Alliance partner Jawbone and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation for a one week health and fitness challenge at Sheridan Elementary School in San Francisco.

The Warriors, Jawbone and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation spent the afternoon with teachers and youth from Sheridan Elementary School to tip-off the week-long competition where teachers from the school will track their sleep and steps taken each day to be positive role models to their students and help support childhood health.

“Today we had a very exciting event where our students are participating in our tip-off for our Jawbone and Alliance for a Healthier Generation fitness event with our teachers,” said Sheridan Elementary School Principal, Dina Edwards. “We have been a part of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation for a few years to help the children make healthy choices and this event is really helping them see that we are not just saying it, but we are participating as well.”

Prior to the start of the competition, Jawbone Product Marketing Manager, Emily Anadu, was one of seven speakers who spoke to the school about the partnership and the their vision on health and fitness.

“Jawbone has been a long time partner of the Warriors and a partner with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation for about a year now,” said Anadu. “It is really exciting for us to bring together our friends to be positive role models to all of you (students). We really believe that well-being and how happy and healthy you feel is the sum of a thousand decisions you’ll make every day.”

In addition to Anadu, the students and teachers heard from San Francisco School Board Commissioner & Mayor’s Education Advisor Hydra Mendoza, San Francisco Unified School District Elementary Division Director Ana De’Arce, Alliance for a Healthier Generation, Senior Healthcare Advisor Jenny Bogard, Sheridan Elementary School Principal Dina Edwards and both Warriors players, each providing their own input on the importance of childhood health.

“I am a big supporter of working out, especially for kids,” said Warriors center Festus Ezeli. “We have to install into their minds the importance of being active and healthy. It’s not only the physical part, but it helps them feel good and increase their confidence, so I’m glad to see the UP band by Jawbone help support these kids.”

Following the speaking program, each teacher was announced to join Warriors players Barnes and Ezeli on stage with Jawbone marketing coordinator Anu Khosla to receive their UP band and begin the competition. The teachers, who were cheered on by their students as they ran up to the stage, each received a Special Edition Orange UP band, which helps to inspire healthy habits at an early age, with a donation of $20 to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation for every Orange UP band sold.

During the week-long competition, each teacher will use their UP band to track their steps and sleep, with each teacher monitoring and logging their progress once each day during a one week period. The winning teacher will be announced at a school-wide assembly on Tuesday, May 27 and will have the opportunity to take their entire class to a Warriors home game during the 2014-15 season.

“The competition the teachers are doing will set good examples for the kids to see their teachers running around and working out, and will hopefully transition to the kids wanting to be active and be more healthy,” said Warriors forward Harrison Barnes.

The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, founded by the American Heart Association and the Clinton Foundation, works to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity and to empower kids to develop lifelong, healthy habits.

Jawbone has been a Gold Alliance partner with the Warriors since the 2011-12 season and Jawbone is a world-leader in consumer technology and wearable products. Jawbone’s UP® and UP24™bands help people track and understand how they sleep, move and eat so they can make more informed choices to help them live better.

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