Stephen Curry Visits Tenderloin Community School in San Francisco
Warriors guard assisted in distributing awards to students during the school's monthly Awards Assembly

At the end of every month, 413 students at San Francisco’s Tenderloin Community School gather in the school gymnasium to recognize the progress, achievements and kind actions among their peers. And during Monday’s school awards assembly, the students also recognized a familiar face standing beside Principal Julie Norris-Salaam.

Warriors Guard Stephen Curry delighted the students at Tenderloin Community School, handing out high fives and certificates of achievement to over 50 award winners. Students also received a Warriors holiday bag and bobble heads of their special guest.

“For us to be able to show up and encourage kids whatever way we can will hopefully go a long way, and you have to use your ability to get kids excited for positive things, and that is what today is all about,” said Curry.

Stephen’s mother, Sonya Curry, owns and operates a Montessori school for over 150 children in Charlotte, North Carolina. Seeing his mother devote herself to the education of so many children since he was in elementary school taught Curry that dedication in the classroom is the most important lesson a child can learn.

“Continue to be great listeners, continue to work hard at everything that you do when you’re in the classroom, whether you understand something right away or not, stick with it,” Curry said to the children.

Tenderloin Community School is a Pre K-5 school committed to closing the achievement gap between the children living in the Tenderloin district and the rest of San Francisco. One important aspect of promoting learning is to set realistic goals that are recognized by teachers and administrators every month, with such awards as perfect attendance, being a great classroom listener and helping others.

“Children love to be motivated and recognized for what they do just like we recognize basketball players at the end of the season, by celebrating their accomplishments and their hard work in the classroom,” said San Francisco Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Nur Jehan Khalique.

School Principal Julie Norris-Salaam shared the excitement of her students, stressing what Curry’s participation at the awards ceremony sends a message for what the school seeks to accomplish.

“Kids have professional athletes as their role models, so for them to see and meet one of their role models and to be congratulated for what they are doing in school, it really emphasizes for the kids that their accomplishments are important and encourages them to explore their horizons,” said Principal Norris-Salaam.

This event was part of the Warriors 15 Plays for the Holidays community outreach initiative, as each of the Warriors 15 players will participate in at least one event this holiday season to brighten the lives of local families and youth.