Warriors Host Get Fit Timeout With Kaiser Permanente
Warriors forward Carl Landry and assistant coaches JoHan Wang and Kyle Barbour provided nutritional tips and led fun physical activites for the students of Allendale Elementary School.

After training all summer to be ready for the 2012-13 NBA season, Warriors forward Carl Landry and the Warriors training staff visited Allendale Elementary to show the students ways to be healthy and prepared for the 2012-13 school year.

On Thursday, September 20, Carl Landry, Director of Athletic Development JoHan Wang and Strength and Conditioning Coach Kyle Barbour hosted the Get Fit Time-Out with Kaiser Permanente, providing nutritional tips and fun physical activities to 80 students in the Higher Ground After School Program.

“The Warriors and Kaiser Permanente want to teach the importance of being fit, eating the right foods, getting the right sleep and putting the right type of fluid in your body so you can come to school to learn and play well,” Landry explained.

The afternoon began with Warriors PA announcer and event emcee Matt Hurwitz introducing Dr. Juan Guerra with Kaiser Permanente, who discussed the importance of drinking water and less soda, eating fruits and vegetables, eating healthy and exercising regularly.

“I wanted to talk about the basic elements of the Kaiser Permanente Thrive campaign because proper nutrition and exercise lead to a healthy body, mind and lifestyle.”

Dr. Guerra believes that emphasizing and repeating these positive health and wellness lessons will have lifelong benefits to young students, especially heading into a new school year.

“The beginning of the school year brings stress to students, so reminding them about the basics of healthy living is a good first step dealing with new problems and avoiding the growing trend of obesity.”

Hurwitz then introduced the Warriors’ newest free agent acquisition, who emphasized the importance of healthy eating and reminded students about the benefits of nutritional diligence on school performance.

“We play 82 games a season, so we prepare by getting the right foods and sleep because it makes a big difference in your game. Each of you have school almost every day, and you need to train your body that way.”

JoHan Wang and Kyle Barbour then talked to the students about the athletic advantages of healthy eating, explaining that what you eat before an activity will add an edge to your game.

“Out of all the things you need to be mindful of, nutrition is by far the most important aspect to performing your best and also feeling the best.”

After running through a variety of shooting, dribbling and passing drills to teach the fundamentals of the game, the students were then given a Kaiser Permanente backpack as well as a Warriors jump rope and tote bag.

“I really believe that kids are our future and can soak up everything you say and do, so it’s an honor to talk with them about staying healthy and providing them a backpack for the year.”

Allendale Elementary Principal Steve Thomasberger was happy the Warriors could deliver a lasting lifelong message to his students in their pursuit for success during the new school year.

“It’s great that the Warriors recognize that we share the same community and are paying attention to the kids and what they need for the future.”

Thursday’s was the fourth day of Back to School in the Bay: 5 Schools in 5 Days, as the Warriors visit five schools and rec centers in five days to raise awareness on the importance of education. District Councilmember Libby Schaaf attended the event and was thrilled at the message the Warriors and Kaiser Permanente had for the Oakland students, stating,

“We love that the Warriors are such an inspiration for young people, not only being healthy and staying fit but also doing well in school, so it’s great the team could share both of those messages today.”

To learn more about the Golden State Warriors efforts in the community, please visit http://www.nba.com/warriors/community/.