A New Look For warriors.com

From the Internet Café at what was then The Arena in Oakland to “A Great Time Out” slogan that encouraged fans to “click and roll” on warriors.com, the Warriors’ digital efforts and official website have been in a constant state of progression over the years, as you can see in this collection of screenshots of warriors.com through the years.

Now 18 years since the debut of warriors.com, the site has reached a new milestone with a full-scale venture into responsive design. The redesigned website launched last Wednesday and now provides fans with a seamless and consistent experience to access team news, videos, photos and more across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. In other words, no matter what you use to visit warriors.com, you will see a site that is tailored to fit your screen and optimize your experience.

The Warriors have been utilizing responsive design since 2012, using the modern coding style on a variety of pages. Now the entire warriors.com site is responsive, and the Warriors were among those leading the NBA’s league-wide charge to these new and improved sites.

According to the NBA, more than 60 percent of total visits to the league’s digital platforms during the 2013-14 regular season came from mobile and tablet devices, so it makes plenty of sense to move toward a mobile-first design that is still user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing on those dinosaur desktop devices.

This mobile-first movement is far from over, but it’s safe to say that the days of experiencing warriors.com with a spiral notebook border are gone for good.

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