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So far, we have seen Rich Twu (Let’s Go Warriors), Steve Berman (Bay Area Sports Guy), Ben Cruz (Bleacher Report), Adam Lauridsen (Fast Break) and Grant Hughes (Bleacher Report) offer their thoughts on Warriors success this season and the team's greatest strengths and weaknesses. Now we conclude the season preview edition of the Bloggers Roundtable with a question that has only been asked about 7,000 times since July.

Assuming a fully healthy roster, who should be the Warriors’ sixth man?

Rich Twu | Let's Go Warriors | @poormanscommish
Unfortunately with Harrison Barnes being sidelined, we didn't really get to see how HB would look as the sixth man. Klay certainly looked good as a spark coming off the bench. So I think it's obvious that for now, Barnes has to be the sixth man until he's back to being 100 percent and, still, Coach Mark Jackson may be forced to do a little experimenting between the two as sixth man, even in the regular season.

As for weaknesses, well, Dell Curry's been around the NBA for a long time and he told me at the Curry Camp in Redwood City last month that his greatest concern about the Warriors is that "X" on their backs and how they respond to it. I would have to agree, especially now that we've already seen the Warriors stumble with that in the last two preseason games.

Steve Berman | Bay Area Sports Guy | @BAAportsGuy
I like the idea of David Lee coming in and leading the second unit, but that seems very unlikely. If it's a choice between Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes, I'd give the starting role to Thompson based on merit and see if Barnes thrives off the bench. I get the feeling that even if Thompson's role changed, his game would stay the same. However, Barnes is a bit of a wild card. He could really take off as a sixth man, provided the inflammation in his foot isn't a long-term issue.

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Ben Cruz | Bleacher Report | @cruzkontrol
Stephen Curry.

Made you look ... This question seems to have been asked a million times this summer since the acquisition of Andre Iguodala and rightfully so. With six very capable starters on the team, someone is going to have to swallow their pride a little bit and start games on the bench.

This decision ultimately comes down to Klay Thompson and Harrison Barnes. After careful consideration, deliberation and consulting a psychic, the sixth man for the Warriors should be second-year man Harrison Barnes. Placing Barnes on the bench is not a knock on his game whatsoever. It’s more of finding ways to put the entire team in a successful position. The Splash Brothers (Curry and Thompson) need to be kept together in the starting backcourt because they are a constant three-point threat which opens up a plethora of options for the entire offense. It also allows the option of Andre Iguodala (a great second-option ball handler outside of Curry) initiating the offense and having those two snipers ready and willing to fire when he eventually drives and kicks out. Finally, Barnes will ultimately still play close-to-starters minutes when it’s all said and done and may thrive just as much, if not more, playing against the opposition’s second-string group.

Adam Lauridsen | Fast Break | @GSWFastBreak
Klay Thompson. Right now, he's a better source of instant offense. The bench desperately needs scoring help, and he's more likely to provide it on a consistent basis than Barnes. I also like Barnes' athleticism in the starting line-up. He gives the Warriors another player to run the court with Iguodala and -- hopefully, for the sake of highlights and posters -- fill the lane.

Grant Hughes | Bleacher Report | @g30three
Thompson has played extremely well during the preseason, and he's been healthier than Harrison Barnes, too. Despite those facts, I still think he should come off the bench to spell both Iguodala and Barnes. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter who starts and who comes off the pine because all three of Iguodala, Barnes and Thompson are going to get their minutes. But Klay functions well as an offensive focal point, which makes him a nice fit as a reserve option.

He can come in, run off screens and even create when defenders overcommit to stop him from getting off a jumper. Barnes is a guy who still struggles to produce consistently, so it makes sense to have Thompson ready in relief if Barnes can't get things going.


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