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If there was an award for “Most GIF-able” NBA Team in 2013, the Golden State Warriors would sweep the competition. Think about it. You’ve got Stephen Curry who’s in range once he steps on the court, Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut posterizing opponents left and right, nail-biting buzzer-beaters, and the phenomenon known as Bazemoring.

As one of the most memorable years in Warriors history comes to a close, we look back at some of the best Warriors GIFs to hit the internetz. Enjoy.

TOP 10 GIFS OF 2013

10. Klay All Day

Klay Thompson is as chill and laid-back as they come, so it was a welcome surprise to see Klay show off his playful side in his #WeAreWarriors commercial. Also, when you lead the league in threes, you deserve to brush off your shoulders every now and then.

9. Steph FTW!

On the team's first-ever #DubNation Night, Stephen Curry gave fans the ultimate gift: a game-winning jumper to defeat the Mavericks 95-93. Fans are used to Steph hitting insane three-pointers, dropping dimes, even making four-point plays. But watching Steph hit his first NBA game-winner was special. The perfect ending to a night dedicated to the best fans in the league.

8. Andre FTW!

When Russell Westbrook drilled a three-pointer to put the Thunder up 115-114 with 2.3 seconds remaining, it felt like that was it. Game over.

Andre Iguodala doesn't believe in the words "game over". (Well, unless his team is winning. Anyways.) Andre's fadeaway jumper as time expired sealed the victory. Dubs win it. #DubNation freaks out. Twitter explodes.


These two GIFs go together like rookies and popcorn - you can't have one without the other. Harrison Barnes has blessed us with a lot of amazing dunks since joining the Warriors, but this nasty reverse during the first round of the NBA Playoffs is on another level. I mean, Draymond Green and Kent Bazmore fly out of their seats.

6. Curry at the Garden

One GIF simply won't do Curry's 54-point showcase at Madison Square Garden justice. A career-high and NBA season-high 54 points. A franchise record 11 three-pointers. Steph became the first player in NBA history to score more than 50 points with 10-or-more 3-pointers. This performance by Steph opened the nation's eyes to what Warriors fans have known for awhile - Stephen Curry is a star.

5. #DamnBogut

It was an exciting game on #WarriorsGround - Round 1, Game 4 against the Denver Nuggets. Fans were decked out in gold #WeAreWarriors shirts, chanting "Let's Go Warriors" so loud that you could barely hear yourself think. And then, Andrew Bogut happened. The Aussie dunked so hard on JaVale McGee that it felt like the roof would collapse. Not a single person was sitting. Within minutes, #DamnBogut was trending on Twitter.

4. The Andre-Lee Connection

Andre Iguodala has now played 20 games as a member of the Warriors, and he's been impressive in nearly every single one. Dunks, dimes, defensive stops - Mr. Iguodala does it all. Andre has a knack for getting the ball to David Lee, but this behind-the-back pass is just ridiculous. Don't be surprised if it ends up being the "Assist of the Season".

3. #Bazemoring

There's no denying the passion Kent Bazemore has for the game of basketball. Whether he's on the court or on the bench, Bazemore's energy and enthusiasm shine. His celebratory antics have led to the phenomenon known as #Bazemoring. Fans post their own #Bazemoring photos from all over the world on Twitter and Instagram.

2. Steph Curry Heat Check

How to tell if you're one of the best shooters in the world:

  • You don't need to look at the ball to check if it's going in. It is.
  • As soon as you step into the arena, you're within range.
  • Your name is Stephen Curry.

  • 1. #Draymonding

    Stephen Curry was in such a zone during his Madison Square Garden shooting clinic that he shimmyed right past Draymond Green, ignoring his high-five. Ouch.

    Don't worry - the guys made up the next day. Thanks to GIFs and memes, #Draymonding will live forever.

    Honorable Mentions

    Did we miss a GIF? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us (@warriors).

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