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After the Warriors' season came to an end with last weekend's Game 7 loss to the Clippers, we look back at the 2013-14 campaign with Jordan Ramirez (Warriors World) and Rich Twu (Let's Go Warriors).

What was your favorite moment from the Warriors' 2013-14 season?

Jordan Ramirez | Warriors World | @JRAM_91
I might be biased, but the #FullSquad moment was my favorite moment of the season. It all started December 27, when David Lee questioned my knowledge of the Warriors' record with the "full squad" healthy. I froze, and the Comcast Bay Area cameras caught the entire moment on-air. Minutes later, my mentions and timeline was filled with videos, memes and tweets dedicated to the incident. After the Warriors beat Miami in a thrilling 123-114 win in South Beach, David Lee gave the hashtag additional life when he loudly said "hashtag full squad!" in a post-game interview with Stephen Curry and Jim Barnett. The Warriors won 10 in a row and finished the road trip 6-1 to start the new year. An embarrassing moment turned into a rallying cry, the #FullSquad movement will forever be a part of my life.

Rich Twu | Let's Go Warriors | @poormanscommish
People will point to the 10-game winning streak and 6 straight on the road before falling to the Brooklyn Nets, but my personal favorite was the one right after losing to the Nets: Curry's buzzer-beating game winner at home against the Boston Celtics.

That one cemented Curry's status as a superstar who could hit the winning shot. Plus, he only scored 19 points that night.

How would you describe the Warriors' 2013-14 season? Share your thoughts in the comments below. (photo: Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty)

How would you describe the Warriors’ 2013-14 season?

Jordan Ramirez | Warriors World | @JRAM_91
Given their talent, coach and recent rise to NBA respectability, this Warriors season was a predictable one. This team is good enough to be a Top-4 team in the West, but with a stubborn coach, limited bench production and beastly Western Conference, the fact that the Warriors finished as the sixth seed shouldn't be seen as a disappointment. Their 51 wins was right on the number in terms of preseason predictions, and without Andrew Bogut the first-round loss to the Clippers was almost expected. Their seeding is largely based on the ridiculous Western Conference than the team itself, since 51 wins is normally good enough for the 4-5 seed. This isn't an elite team (yet), but a solid Tier 2 contender with hopes of reaching that ultimate level very soon. The growth of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson were pivotal as well as the acquisition of Andre Iguodala. Andrew Bogut was a steady force in the regular season and David Lee is the team's best scorer in the post and veteran in the locker room. It certainly wasn't a bad season, but given the owner's proclamations (and wants), there seems to be a feeling of emptiness as the season is now over. There were plenty of positives throughout the season, but growth doesn't always translate to wins.

Rich Twu | Let's Go Warriors | @poormanscommish
I would say it was a great learning experience and, with the Mark Jackson firing, an end of a (relatively short) era.


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