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Thanks to the efforts of #DubNation over the last two months, Stephen Curry now ranks second among Western Conference guards in NBA All-Star voting. The top two backcourt vote getters earn automatic starts in next month’s NBA All-Star Game, and with less than a week left until the polls close, Curry is in great position to become the first Warriors player to start an All-Star Game since Latrell Sprewell in 1995.

The fans have certainly done their part, but the job isn’t finished. As of the third voting returns on January 9, Curry had 26,299 more votes than Chris Paul, who now ranks third among West guards after being in second in the first and second voting returns. In fact, in the time between the second and third returns (December 26 to January 9), Curry had 74,167 more votes than the Western Conference guard with the second most votes in that timeframe, Kobe Brant. And only LeBron James and Kevin Durant had more votes than Curry’s 195,674 in those two weeks.

To help us get the word out on the importance of voting, we’ve enlisted the services of several “Kid Warriors” who by now you’ve probably seen and come to love. These mini-versions of player lookalikes have starred in commercials, appeared at games and in the process have become mini-celebrities. Mini-Steph recently made it out to a Warriors practice, and there he got to meet up with the real full-sized version of himself. Enjoy the video below and check out other ways in which this Dub the Vote campaign has taken form.

Voting ends this coming Monday at 9 p.m. (Pacific). So #DubNation, you have less than a week to fill your social media timelines, as well as those of your friends, in an effort to send Curry to the All-Star Game. And in case you need a reminder of all the ways you can vote, just visit Warriors.com/DubTheVote. Dub The Vote every day, in every way.


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