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Two fast-paced teams with entertaining styles of play? Check.

Potential close-out game for one team and desperation time for the other? Check

Physical play that has garnered attention on both sides? Check

Frenzied atmosphere in one of basketball’s best settings? Check, check and CHECK!!!

“We talked about it being a great series from the beginning and it certainly has not disappointed,” Head Coach Mark Jackson said at practice today. “It’s going to be exciting tomorrow night.”

Exciting to say the least. Thursday’s Game 6 has all makings of an instant classic, and it’s one that the basketball world looks forward to with great anticipation. We asked Warriors bloggers Steve Berman (Bay Area Sports Guy) and Rich Twu (Golden State of Mind) about Thursday’s critical matchup for both teams in our most recent edition of the Warriors Bloggers Roundtable.

Who, or what, will be the X-factor in Game 6?

Steve Berman | Bay Area Sports Guy | @BASportsGuy
The Nuggets are almost certainly going to try to control the game with the bigger lineup we saw during a good portion of Game 5, and Carl Landry only scored 9 points last night after scoring 36 points over Games 3 and 4. Landry will need to increase his scoring output once again at home to keep Denver's defense from focusing almost exclusively on the perimeter. If he can draw some fouls in the process, even better.

As for the Nuggets, watch for Andre Miller to play a bigger role than he has in the last few games. It's desperation time for Denver, and he'll have something to say about how and when their season ends. So expect to see a lot of the veteran point guard creating space for himself in the paint with his backside, along with plenty of set-shots from three-point range.

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Rich Twu | Golden State of Mind | @poormanscommish
Wow, who's turn is it? I want to say Klay Thompson because he sort of had an off night, but on the other hand he still managed to score 19. So I'll go with Andrew Bogut, who only scored 2 points in 18 minutes of play in Game 5. I'm sure he's mad at himself for those bottom-line results.

During the playoffs, Carl Landry is averaging 18.0 points at home against 10.7 points per game in Denver. (photo: Ezra Shaw/NBAE/Getty)

What do you expect for Game 6? Will we see a Game 7 in this series?

Steve Berman | Bay Area Sports Guy | @BASportsGuy
The Warriors' home crowd was a big story in Game 3, and it seemed to be an even bigger story after Game 4's 14-point win. I can only imagine how pumped that place is going to be with a series on the line. I felt like the Warriors were passive in the first half in Game 5, almost trying to ease into things and get their bearings while the Nuggets were crashing the rim and killing Golden State in the paint. By the time the Warriors went back to pushing the tempo and playing aggressive defense, it was already too late.

The sense of urgency will be there for Golden State, as another trip to Denver sounds like an awful idea. I see the Warriors keeping the game close enough in the first half to keep the crowd in the game, then they'll put their collective foot to the floor in the second half and end the series in a high-scoring Game 6. Oh, and Stephen Curry might be a little fired up on Thursday night after getting knocked around during Game 5 and taunted by a Nuggets fan afterward.

I cannot wait to watch Game 6 – the emotion, energy and noise should be off the charts. Maybe I'll even bring ear plugs this time. Nahhhh...

Rich Twu | Golden State of Mind | @poormanscommish
I think we'll see a really focused Stephen Curry. And that's good news for the Warriors because, generally, his teammates go as he goes. I'm expecting an extra-raucous Oracle crowd. It will be so loud that Denver's players won't be able to hear the taunts by the tunnel. You're going to hear boos, especially for Kenneth Faried. It's going to be an ultra-hostile environment for them. I'm a basketball purist and would like to believe that NBA players aren't affected by the crowd, but there might be an asterisk next to this one. So here I go: The Denver Nuggets are not the Miami Heat; especially it being a mere 48 hours after Game 5, they don't stand a chance in that environment and against a determined Steph.


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