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Anyone who has watched a Warriors game on TV this season is probably familiar with this commercial featuring Head Coach Mark Jackson informing you that, “If you want a show, then you better rehearse.” Well, if the regular season was the rehearsal, ‘the show’ is about to begin as the Warriors turn their attention toward the Playoffs.

And being that few things complement each other more perfectly than basketball and music, we decided to use the same track from that season-opening commercial, and apply it to an anthem for the 2013 Playoffs. But we’re not talking about some “Super Bowl Shuffle” type gimmick. We’re talking about a track that the Bay can embrace. A song that personifies this team, this coach, this organization, and this fan base.

Luckily, we didn’t have to go far to find the perfect person to compose that track. Enter Warriors Vice President and General Counsel David Kelly…also known by some as “Cap D”. That’s not a misprint. The Warriors chief legal officer is also an accomplished hip hop artist and the lead emcee for All Natural – a well-respected underground hip hop group that has traveled the world from Brazil to Sweden rocking shows for a legion of dedicated fans. We’ll dive deeper into Kelly’s unique story soon, but in the meantime, we’ll let him do the talking. Enjoy.

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