We have a big sports weekend ahead in the Bay Area. It starts tonight – yes, we’re optimists who believe weekends start on Thursday – when the Warriors host the Mavericks on national TV, and it continues on Saturday when we celebrate Social Media Night against the Suns. We’re not the only show in town either. The Sharks (NHL) have home games tonight and Saturday and the Bulls (ECHL) will play at the Cow Palace tonight. And then there’s the Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Half Marathon, which will take thousands of fitness gurus in and out of Golden Gate Park on Sunday morning. So yes, a busy sports weekend indeed, and then there is that minor event in New Orleans that nobody really cares about.

Oh yes, the Super Bowl, an event that stretches far beyond football’s reach, and even sport itself. Only on Super Bowl Sunday is it acceptable/encouraged to consume a month’s worth of calories. Whether you’re a hardcore football fan, a fan of new commercials or a connoisseur of bacon wrapped sausage, there’s a 99.9 percent chance that you’ll be watching the Super Bowl.

The Warriors are no different. Players and coaches alike will sit down with friends and family and watch the game, and they’ll be offering their opinion on whether or not Coach Harbaugh (you decide which one) should challenge the ruling on the field. Like everyone else, they have thoughts on how Super Bowl XLVII will turn out, and we captured some of them on video …

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