There’s an old saying that when one poll closes, another one opens … or something like that. The NBA announced the fan-chosen starters of the 2013 All-Star Game on Thursday, and while no Warriors were selected, the #DubTheVote campaign once again proved how creative and passionate, and often times creatively passionate, Warriors fans truly are. Now, we ask the fans to vote one more time to pick the winners of the photo portion of our #DubTheVote contest.

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VOTE: Of the 11 #DubTheVote photos displayed above, which one is your favorite?:
VOTE: Of the 11 #DubTheVote photos displayed above, which one is your favorite?
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As a refresher, fans were asked to submit photos and videos of themselves casting their ballot for the NBA All-Star Game, and they were challenged to do so in creative fashion. From cramming as many voters into one shot to voting in multiple ways to voting while participating in other activities, we left it up to Dub Nation to decide what it meant to #DubTheVote!

As expected, there were plenty of clever contest entries. A panel of Warriors judges is currently reviewing the video entries, but we’re leaving it up to the fans to decide the winning photos. We tried doing it ourselves but had a difficult time narrowing it down from our favorite 11 pictures. We’re letting you take over from there, as fans can cast their vote by simply selecting their favorite photo in the poll question above. The three most popular entries will advance to the final round, which will take place at an upcoming Warriors game. You can only vote one photo at a time, however, you are encouraged to vote early and often.

When all is said and done, the grand prize winner will receive two Warriors tickets to an upcoming home game and an invitation to meet Andrew Bogut, Klay Thompson, David Lee and Stephen Curry. The second and third-place winners will also receive prizes.

The #DubTheVote campaign has been for the fans and by the fans, and now it’s time for the contest to be decided by the fans!

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