You’ve probably heard by now that the Warriors are currently 4-0 on their season-long seven-game road trip. You also probably know that the team is off to its best start since the 1991-92 season and that both Stephen Curry and David Lee are playing at an All-Star level. While Dub Nation has been well aware of the team’s improvement for weeks, it looks like others are starting to take notice as well.

The Warriors are marching their way up the NBA power rankings, and most reputable sources are in agreement. From and ESPN to Yahoo! Sports and the USA Today, the Warriors are now being recognized as one of the top 10 teams in the NBA. While many experts had the Warriors in the 20s to start the season, the team's ongoing strong play and success on the road has forced them to re-think their rankings. Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports has the Warriors as the seventh best team in his latest rankings, while and USA Today have the Warriors at No. 8. Marc Stein, meanwhile has the Warriors at No. 9 in his power rankings on

Courtesy of Marc Spears & Yahoo! Sports

Some might say that these rankings mean absolutely nothing. They don’t help you win games, they don’t help you in the playoff standings and they are generally written by people who have never played a minute in an NBA game. That may all be true, but it’s about respect, and the Warriors are starting to get some of that – and not just from the media either.

“We've got a really good team coming in here,” LeBron James said on today’s Warriors-Heat match-up in Miami. “It's going to be a big game for us.”

Last year, nobody was saying that about the Warriors, a team that had gone 37-119 on the road over the last four seasons before this one began. Now the tide is starting to change and the reigning NBA MVP and NBA Finals MVP is calling this a big game for his team, which just happens to be the reigning NBA champs. That’s respect.

James and others weigh in on the Warriors and General Manager Bob Myers discusses this turn in the team's fortunes in the videos below.

While there’s still roughly three-fourths of the season remaining with unforeseen twists and turns, we look forward to what lies ahead. We look forward to seeing how Andrew Bogut impacts the team upon his return, we look forward to seeing if Stephen Curry and David Lee can maintain their out-of-this-world play and we look forward to seeing the continuing development of the first and second-year players on the roster, all seven of them.

And who knows, by this time next week, the Warriors might have a few more wins under their belt and a higher standing on these power rankings.

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