Will it be the dunk of the year? Dunk of the decade? Best regular season dunk in Warriors history … Who knows? All we really know is that Harrison Barnes’ dunk over Minnesota’s Nikola Pekovic, all 6-foot-11 and 290 pounds of him, was one hell of a throwdown. Dub Nation roared with approval of Saturday’s epic slam, and there’s no doubt that a lot of us have spent time – time we should have been studying or working – watching the clip over and over. “Enough with the words … get to the dunk already,” you’re probably thinking. Well, here you go …

While the questions at the beginning of this post will be debated in locker rooms, pubs, college dorms, around the water cooler, over the phone, on NBA.com and on sports talk shows in due time, we figure a dunk as awesome as that needed a name. So we took to Twitter and introduced the #NameTheDunk contest. Fans were asked to, you guessed it, submit names for the dunk for a chance to meet Barnes at Thursday’s #GSWTweetup Night. The fan reaction to the contest was great, both in number and in creativity, and once Harrison found out about the contest, he wanted to be a part of it as well. So in addition to being responsible for the monster slam (go ahead and watch the video again), he was also the contest’s judge.

After a few hours of deliberation, Barnes picked the winner. His thunderous throwdown against the Timberwolves will forever be known as Flight of the Falcon. Congratulations to the winner (you know who you are) and enjoy your meet-and-greet with the rookie on Thursday.

While there’s only one winner, here are the other finalists that made Barnes’ Honorable Mention: Barnes Supremacy, #WarriorsGround Throwdown and Climbing Mount Pekovic. Thank you to all who submitted entries. We hope you had as much fun thinking of them as Harrison and us had reading them.

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