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June 9, 2013

Ni Hao Warriors Fans!

It's Amira coming to you from Shenzhen, China! Yesterday was our first day of performing, which was so much fun. The auto show was only open to the media on the first day of the Dongfeng Fengshen. We had three performances and then we transferred hotels to the beautiful Langham Hotel.

Once we finished performing for the day we visited the local shopping area to check out what China had to offer. We visited many different stores that were familiar to us, like Adidas, and others that were foreign to us, just little shops in a large warehouse building.

After getting home we were taken to dinner by our NBA China representative Duo Duo. We were treated to traditional Chinese cuisine, where Sam even ate chicken tongue and bones!

Today we had our first day of performing for the public and performed twice! During our break we went to my favorite place, Starbucks. No matter how far away from home you are, you are never too far away from a Starbucks!

After our performances we went on a monorail tour to view a part of the city. This tour included an aerial view of a local amusement park called mini China. We also shopped at the local stores near the monorail to get trinkets and souvenirs for our family and friends. We then set off to pamper ourselves with an hour-long massage. It was much needed and relaxing!

After two jam-packed days we are hanging out at the hotel and enjoying each other's company. Hope you guys are having a great day!

- Amira

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