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Rookie initiation comes in all shapes and forms, and as much as first-year players might complain when they’re the victims, they usually can’t wait to pass the tradition on to the next batch of rooks. Today, Kent Bazemore might be pining for the expiration day of his rookie status, but that’s understandable considering several veterans just filled his car up with popcorn. See for yourself in the video below…

Before you feel too bad for Bazemore, you should know that this car was given to him by 13-year NBA vet Richard Jefferson, who just happened to be the one to lead the charge in this prank. But still, how long do you think it will take for the rook to remove every last kernel from his ride?

More photos and reaction from this #RookieBazing ordeal can be found below, and you should check out our Tumblr page if you can't get enough of this.

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