Social Recap: #NBAMusicians & #NBASitcoms

by Julie Phayer

UPDATE: After the "success" of #NBAMusicians, another #HashtagGame broke out amongst the league. Enjoy.

What happens when you mix the offseason, NBA Twitter, and a bunch of puns? You get #NBAMusicians.

It all started on the evening of Tuesday, July 22 with a silly Jamiroquai pun. A few hours and hundreds of tweets later, it’s a national trending topic. More than 14,000 #NBAMusicians tweets have been sent over the past 16 hours.

And you know we couldn’t resist getting in on the action:

#DubNation, the creative geniuses that they are, joined in and gave us a few gems.

But perhaps the best part of the evening was seeing our friends from NBA Twitter embrace the puns.

And just when you thought the madness was over, the Suns dropped #NBASitcoms on us.

30 minutes later, #NBASitcoms was a trending topic in the United States. Over 10,000 #NBASitcoms tweets have been sent since the tweets first began Thursday (July 24) morning.

This only inspired more NBA teams to join in on the fun.

Good times, Twitter.

And thanks to the Wizards, we now know what's in store for the next NBA #HashtagGame.

Did we miss any, #DubNation? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us (@warriors) using the #NBAMusicians or #NBASitcoms hashtags.

View the entire #NBAMusicians and #NBASitcoms recap on our Storify.

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