Wednesday, April 15

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Join Us For Warriors Fan Night

The Warriors have turned the end of the regular season into a celebration of what makes Warriors Ground an intimidating force for visiting teams – you, the fans. See Oracle Arena transformed into a fan wonderland with giveaways, entertainment and more!

The Winning #GSWFanNight T-Shirt Design

Given the choice of five finalists, the fans have spoken, and selected the design below for the T-shirt that will be worn by everyone in attendance for the regular season finale. Thanks to all who participated in the voting process!


Designed By: Ryan Vicente

About the Artist: Ryan Vicente

Inspired by the Bay’s urban environments, Vicente takes viewers on an immersive journey that deconstructs pieces and rebuilds an alternate reality.

The Other Finalists


Designed By: Tony Robles

About the Artist: Tony Robles

Better known as Tony.psd - Tony is a veteran freelance designer whose love of Bay Area sports is only matched by his love of art.


Designed By: Ivan Lima

About the Artist: Ivan Lima

Designing from the heart, Lima works to promote growth throughout the Bay Area to better the community and advocate for those less fortunate.


Designed By: Andrew Oliva

About the Artist: Andrew Oliva

Illustrator and reality remixer, Oliva flips the ordinary on it’s head to create a unique perspective that both distorts and intrigues.


Designed By: Sarah Wiener

About the Artist: Sarah Wiener

Illustrator, Japanophile and artist, Wiener was born and raised in the Bay, and her pieces reflect insights that can only come from a Bay Area native.