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Courtesy EA Sports
Jan. 26 -- Ready to play a game of can you top this?

When Kobe Bryant's having made history, scoring an incredible 81 points versus the Raptors on Sunday, it was the type of thing you'd only imagine happening in a video game. Now we'd like to see if you can top the second-highest point total in NBA history in just that.

Here's how it works: Play the NBA simulation title of your choice (NBA Live '06, NBA 2K6 or NBA 06) on the PC or console of your choice your (Xbox, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 2), and try to score as many points with Bryant.

The length of quarters should be no longer than eight minutes and the difficulty level should be one level above the easiest.

Then email us with the subject line "I beat Kobe's 81" and let us know about your heroic performance with No. 8. We want to know:

How many points you scored with Bryant in how many minutes
What his field goal, three-point and free-throw shooting stats were
How many steals, assists and rebounds he collected
Who the opponent was and if the contest was at home or on the road
Which video game and what platform you played the contest with
The quarter length and difficulty level that were used
As many details as you can provide about how the contest unfolded
Your name and location

Finally, we'd like to see Bryant in action. So send us screen shots of the contest in addition to a snapshot of the boxscore.

Some of the best performances will be featured on, but only if you use the appropriate subject line, so we can read about your scoring exploits. With that kind of glory at stake, Kobe may not be your toughest competition but rather your competition around the world.

Update: After receiving hundreds of responses from every continent around the world (except Antarctica), we posted some of the best performances with our Catch Kobe Gallery of Fame.