NBA Street Homecourt from EA SPORTS BIG

Every Legend Has A Beginning

The NBA’s best all came from somewhere and many built their skills and reputations in their hometown playgrounds – including Brand Jordan athletes Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Richard Hamilton. Now you can earn the right to take them on head-to-head in their real-life homecourts with NBA STREET HOMECOURT. The new title from EA SPORTS BIG merges legendary playgrounds with the hometown courts of your favorite NBA stars, featuring 360 degrees of view.
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Learn more about their homecourts, from Anthony's Cloverdale to Paul's Rupert Bell:

Location: Baltimore, MD

Carmelo Anthony
The Skinny: Located off a busy intersection in the tough West Baltimore neighborhood, Cloverdale birthed NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo may credit his NBA skills to his days at Cloverdale but he is not Cloverdale’s only link to NBA. NBA champion Sam Cassell has graced the court as well as many of the Baltimore Bullets. According to recent internet reports, Nike plans on making a sneaker in homeage to the court's history. Carmelo has been paying respects to his hometown court as well. Carmelo hosted Melo's Annual H.O.O.D. Movement 3on3 Challenge, a three-on-three tournament for local kids, the last two years there. Grizzlies rookie Rudy Gay even showed up last summer.

"I credit a lot of who I am today as a player to my days on the streets in Baltimore," Carmelo told in a recent interview. "My homecourt in Baltimore will always be a part of who I am, because that's where I gained the skill and desire that have made me successful in basketball."

Carmelo was actually born in Brookyn, New York but moved to Baltimore when he was nine years old. Says Carmelo: "Four days later I was playing basketball in a rec league. People started calling me little New York, because they didn't know my name. That name stuck with me until I got older. I consider Brooklyn my birth place -- Balitmore is a place I grew up at, and learned most of my skills, and just life skills."
(Bonus Video: "Little New York" )

Game Related: Cloverdale is where you face your first NBA competition. Once you prove yourself to Carmelo you return to take down the BMore squad in the last hometown Tournament. If you can beat Baltimore’s finest -- Melo, Sam Cassell, and Juan Dixon -- you'll be well on you’re way to legendary status.

Ash Park
Location: Coatesville, PA

Richard Hamilton
The Skinny: Ash Park is located in Coatesville, a small Pennsylvanian steel town referred to by some as Pittsburgh of the East. This court served as the central training ground for NBA superstar Rip Hamilton. Rip would meet his mentor Ricky Hicks at the court everyday before school and run the hills of Coatesville. To this day residents of Coatesville can see Rip running these same hills and battling on the courts at Ash Park.

"We had a lot of great players that come from Coatesville," Hamilton told "I think the court in Ash Park helped me tremendously. It’s war at that court. You can be 13 or 14 years old, but it teaches you how to be a man real fast."

"It’s either go hard or go home. There ain’t no looking over your shoulder and asking 'Where’s mom?' It really gave me that edge that I need to play in the NBA."
(Bonus Video: "Rip: I Play For Them" )

Game Related: Ash Park is the first Homecourt Tournament you will play in. Winning won't be easy as Rip has recruited two friends from nearby Philadelphia to represent his hometown. NBA Superstar and childhood rival Kobe Bryant and NBA Star and Pistons teammate Rasheed Wallace.

Rupert Bell Rec
Location: East Winston-Salem, NC

Chris Paul
The Skinny: Rupert Bell Rec is home court to super guard Chris Paul. Chris grew up in nearby Lewisville but spent lots of time with his grandfather in Winston-Salem. Chris and his brother would come down to the popular domed court when they were done with their shifts working at their grandfather's gas station. When Chris made it to the NBA he refurbished the court in 2005 in honor of his late grandfather. The plaque at the side of the court let's us know why the surface is pristine and the rims are perfect.

"There were events here all the time," Paul said. "Guys had cookouts, things like that. My family would come up here. We (Paul and his brother, C.J.) played when we weren't in the backyard.

"This is a real well known mark in Winston-Salem so I felt this would be the perfect location," Paul continued. "My foundation was named after my grandfather."
(Bonus Video: Paul Visits Rupert Bell )

Game Related: Rupert Bell is the second Homecourt Tournament you will play in. The competition has increased since the last tournament and you know master passer Chris Paul won't just let come and take his court.

Location: New York, NY

Rafer Alston
The Skinny: The GOAT is an oasis of basketball located in Manhattan. Four courts each with a funky blue and green paint job make the park a New York original. Kids and families fill the park and sounds of recess fill the air. Ask the kids wearing GOAT league jerseys about the park and they'll tell you how Rafer Alston is a regular. Named after the most famous and tragic street legend NYC has ever had, the park is still legit long after the GOAT has passed. Earl Manigault made his reputation on these courts during the seventies.

"The stories still circulate around the city," writes Chris Ballard in Hoops Nation, a guide to America's best pickup basketball. "The stories about how he would go up against Wilt (Chamberlain) and dunk on him. Of how he could do a double dunk. Of how he could grab a dollar off the top of the backboard and make change before coming down.

Hoops Nation continues: "'A lot of that is true,' the Goat says when asked about the street lore. I could grab the dollar, but the part about making the change isn't true. The double dunk, I did that."

Game Related: This is where you will find the best ballers from the East Coast. You’ll have to start at the bottom and prove you belong before you will face the likes of Ron Artest, Allen Iverson, and Stephon Marbury.

Franklin Park
Location: Chicago, IL

Kevin Garnett
The Skinny: Located in the West side of Chicago, this is the best pick up game in town, with both indoor and outdoor and courts. Made famous by their midnight basketball leagues intended to keep youths out of trouble, this gym keeps its name on the radar by producing winners. Just ask Kevin Garnett or look at the banners if you need proof.

After moving to Chicago from South Carolina while still in high school, Garnett frequented Franklin Park. It was there he first took the court with future Minnesota Timberwolves teammate Stephon Marbury, according to Hoops Nation, "executing a thunderously successful alley-oop the first time down the floor."

Game Related:This is where you will find the best ballers from the Midwest. Guys like Garnett and LeBron James make this one of the toughest courts to play on.

Venice Beach
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Kobe Bryant
The Skinny: One of the most famous courts in the world. It's common to see celebrities and athletes playing amongst the locals on any given day. It has four courts but the best ballers all play on the court by the strip. Venice Beach Courts were named one of the top five best pickup basketball courts in the United States in Hoops Nation.

The top competition comes out for the annual National Outdoor Basketball Championship, which takes place every Labor Day weekend.

In recent years, top street ball teams have played in the tournament, with DVDs even be produced capturing the excitement. It's not unsual to find local studs competing against pro players. As Hoops Nation writes, a younger Kobe Bryant even participated in the past.

Game Related: Venice is where you will play the best NBA ballers from the West Coast. From Baron Davis to Jason Kidd.

Brand Jordan Gym
Location: Portland, OR

Carmelo Anthony
The Skinny: Anthony, a Brand Jordan athlete, says playing at Brand Jordan gym is like playing at an NBA Stadium. Welcome to the pros. The bright lights and shiny floors as well as the run are top notch.

Game Related: This is where you will find the all the Jordan athletes in one place. Take this as the last chance to improve your game before you head home to take down the best of the best.