TARRYTOWN, New York On Friday, July 27, a number of members of the NBA's incoming freshman class donned their new uniforms for the first time at the league's annual Rookie Photo Shoot. But for many, it isn't putting on NBA threads or even stepping on an NBA court that can represent the moment of a true arrival. Rather, it's seeing themselves in an NBA videogame. We spoke to some of the top rookies to get their take on what that experience will feel like:

Greg Oden, C, Portland Trail Blazers
"My friend already showed me in 2K6 the college game. I was on Ohio State. They put me on it. So they showed me playing with myself."

Kevin Durant, G/F, Seattle Sonics
"It's going to be amazing seeing myself on the court with all the other players. It's going to be amazing."

Al Horford, F, Atlanta Hawks
"Weird. Very exciting." [Big smile]

Mike Conley, G, Memphis Grizzlies
"It's going to be crazy. I hope it looks exactly like me. It's a dream come true. I don't have to create myself. I can't wait for that."

Jeff Green, F, Seattle Sonics
"It will feel funny. I'll try to get myself 50 points but it will be a good time. One thing you want to remember is your first time in a video game. You play it so much and finally you're in the game."

Corey Brewer, G/F, Minnesota Timberwolves
"It's going to be cool, it's going to be fun. I will play with myself and see if I am any good."

Joakim Noah, F/C, Chicago Bulls
"I am very excited. It's going to be crazy. It's going to be exciting. It's a dream come true."

Spencer Hawes, C, Sacramento Kings
"That's going to be kind of weird to see. It's one thing in college but to see yourself in an NBA game with all of the other great players, that's going to be kind of weird."

Acie Law, G, Atlanta Hawks
"I just saw myself for the first time, it's crazy. I'm with the rookies. I just took myself out (of the game) right now. I could have been rated higher. I just saw my overall rating 69. I'm so used to creating myself in the game and giving myself high ratings. But just knowing I am a part of it, it's a good feeling."

Al Thornton, F, LA Clippers
"Oh, man. I can't even put in words. I'm waiting to complain to EA Sports because I know they're going to give me a low rating (laughs). But I can't wait, man."

Nick Young, G , Washington Wizards
"I want to see how they have my hair and what my stats will be. I was saying last night (during the EA Sports NBA Live Rookie Tournament), I hope I can jump in the game."

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