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NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 2006 -- On Wednesday, the first day you could buy its basketball simulation title NBA LIVE 07, EA Sports celebrated in a big way.

Cover athlete Tracy McGrady, Sprite Rising Stars Slam Dunk Champion Nate Robinson and Tony Parker, the cover athlete for NBA LIVE 07 in France, each passed out some of the first copies of LIVE from behind the register at the NBA Store in Manhattan.

Fans who pre-ordered the game not only personally received their copy from the players but also got to participate in a subsequent meet-and-greet session.

The NBA LIVE series is the most storied simulation franchise in video game history. This marks the 12th anniversary of the franchise, which is the best selling basketball video game, having sold more than 23 million units worldwide since 1995. NBA LIVE 07 is available in more than 100 countries on six continents.

For more information about this year's edition of the series, including features, screen shots and video, check out Player Nation's NBA LIVE 07 product page. Last season, cover athlete Dwyane Wade went on to win a NBA title. Other cover athletes have included Jason Kidd, Shaquille O'Neal, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan. asked the newest cover athletes, McGrady and Parker, as well as the avid-gamer Robinson, to tell the citizens of Player Nation about NBA LIVE 07.

Tracy McGrady | Tony Parker | Nate Robinson

Posted by Tracy McGrady on Sept. 27, 2006

McGrady on NBA LIVE 07
Honestly, it feels good to be on the cover of NBA LIVE 07. It's an honor. There are a lot of guys in our league that have great talent and can be on this cover. They chose me, and I feel very privileged to be on it.

I always played video games a lot. I've been playing videogames since the first game out. I was a video game junkie. I'm still a video junkie. I'm a PSP guy, because I can play that on the place, I can play that anywhere.

NBA LIVE 07 is as real as it can get. The features that they show on the player's faces are incredible. They show the sweat, they show the emotion, they show the body language when things are not going right. The way the players move is real. Then there's the freestyle mode they have that emulates the actual player. There are playmakers, there are guys who are creative in the dunking area. Whatever you do, that's what's in the game.

Commentators are sitting right next to the bench commentating the games. It's unbelievable. I was actually playing the game and it had my T-Mac signature shoe that's not even out yet: T-Mac 6. It's in the game. [My shoe] comes out in October!

NBA LIVE 07 does everything. Everything that I do on the basketball court, is in the game. Just like they say, "EA Sports, it's in the Game." It's in the game. And I'm not just saying that because that's the tag line. It's actually unbelievable.

Posted by Tony Parker on Sept. 27, 2006

Video games are big in Europe, same as they are here. I play a lot on the road because we have a lot of time off. I don't play just Live, I play the Madden game, hockey, I play all sports games. I play PS2.

With NBA LIVE 07, now EA SPORTS is trying to get very fundamental with the technicals and the footwork. Making it really real. They get it as close to the NBA as you can get. It's great. I've been working for them for four years. I've been on the cover of Live for three years and this year I'm sharing the cover with Boris Diaw. He did motion capture for the game.

It's just a great honor to represent the brand and to be on the cover. I've been playing the game since '95, so it's like a little dream. I never thought I'd be on the cover of the NBA Live. I was just dreaming about playing in the NBA, so being on the cover of a video game is just amazing.

I will be doing Motion Capture next year. I'm going to go to Vancouver. They want to do different stuff. They want to do speaking calling plays, so it will be interesting!

Posted by Nate Robinson on Sept. 27, 2006

It looks more like the players. It looks real. They got the sweat, the jerseys move when you run. There's a lot of things that's changed since last season. Each year, it gets better and better, and that's good.

They shoot like the players. They have Signature Jump Shots, where players jumpers are the same as they are in real life. I can see it with Channing Frye's jumper. I have been shooting a lot with Channing in previewing the game for the first time today. That's Channing's jumper!

I can see that the movement has been made more realistic with regard to changing speed and directions. You see the how close their hair and their face look. It looks exactly the same.