While owning an NBA Franchise such as the Lakers or Knicks is an impossible dream for most, any fan with a console and a controller can purchase an NBA franchise of a different kind -- the video game series. This season, three new simulation NBA titles and one arcade game debuted. Here's a look at what they brought to the citizens of Player Nation:

NBA Live 06, EA Sports | Released Sept. 27 | Order Now!

Live's most expansive upgrade is a new feature called EA Sports Freestyle Superstars, in which star players perform like their real-life NBA counterparts based on distinct character types, including Power, Playmaker, Stopper and more. Playmakers dish out no-look and behind-the-back passes on command. Stoppers block shots, steal and rebound like only the best defenders in the NBA. Power players have a dizzying array of thunder dunks found only in the top NBA All-Stars. A new graphics engine increases the resolution on player models and body types to unprecedented levels. Players not only play and act like their real life counterparts, but they look the part with striking detail and realism. (Click for more).

NBA 2K6, 2K Sports | Released Sept. 27 | Order Now!

NBA 2K6 hits the hardwood with all the ingredients necessary to continue its reign as the #1 rated pro basketball game, according to GameRankings.com average scores of 2004-2005 pro basketball video games. Rap luminaries such as Method Man, Redman, Flava Flav, Common, Aesop Rock and ?uestlove from The Roots will be playable characters in NBA 2K6's new The Entertainer's Basketball Classic (EBC) at Rucker Park mode, a streetball tournament feature. New to NBA 2K6 this year, you can now earn Crib credits with every game you play to deck out your crib, buy music, or play mini-games. Upgrades also include a deeper franchise move, VIP system and improved graphics and gameplay. (Click for more).

NBA '06, Sony Computer Entertainment America | Oct. 1 release date

Engineered from the ground up exclusively for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, NBA Ď06 debuts on the hardwood including entirely new game design, innovative gameplay features, and exclusive modes of play. In addition, NBA '06 provides an insider look at the association experience with "NBA Life: Volume I", where players go behind the scenes to experience the excitement being an NBA player from draft night in NYC and everything along the way to The Finals. Evolve a character in the game and unlock his star potential. True hoops fans and gamers alike can literally get in the action by taking a snapshot and putting their face on an NBA player utilizing the EyeToy USB camera (sold separately) for a network-ready PlayStation 2 system. (Click for more).

NBA Ballers: Phenom, Midway | April release date

NBA Ballers: Phenom is a revolutionary sports video game that introduces an entirely new open world and interactive environment, featuring an exciting story mode and even more player customization opportunities than its predecessor. Set in the neighborhoods of L.A., the player controls his own destiny, embarking on a personal quest to become tomorrowís NBA phenomenon. Players can follow the Ballerís dream by getting noticed on the court and drafted into the NBA, as well as become an entrepreneur off-the-court complete with clothing line, record label and movie deal. NBA Ballers: Phenom story mode allows for both on and off-the-court adventures. (Click for more).